Romance and the Job Interview

Romance and the Job Interview

By Guest Blogger Shelia M. Goss

I want to thank Romance Junkies for being one of my stops during my Invisible Love tour.

I know you’re probably wondering: what does romance have to do with doing a job interview?  Well, in my upcoming book His Invisible Wife it has a lot to do with Brianna Mayfield and Jake Banks as they tangle with mixing business with pleasure.  I like to mix in a little reality in my fiction, so keep reading for Brianna’s take on dating and job interviews.

Thank you Shelia for letting me take over your blog post. As a former serial dater, I, Brianna Mayfield, have a few things I would like to share about dating.

Dating these days isn’t as simple as it used to be. Even when a friend or family member introduces you to a potential mate, you have to be selective and interview them. You need to know more about them than what kind of car they drive, cell phone number and email address. In my case, I know exactly where Jake works, he’s my boss.

Before getting seriously involved with someone there are things you need to know before letting them into your personal life. Have you met any of his family or friends?  If you have, how does the guy act around them? I hate Jake’s uncle so that’s been a thorn in our relationship. But this blog post isn’t about me. How do they interact? What is his religious preference? What information is he volunteering? Most men live by the motto:  “Don’t ask and don’t tell,” so get your list together and the next time you’re face to face, ask. Ask, not interrogate.  Although if your man is like Jake, he’ll get on the defensive whenever you do ask a question. Be prepared however to answer the same questions honestly. Some men can’t handle the truth so you might have to leave out some information.

If you have any doubt about something or find something questionable, why not invest $29.95 and do a background check. You’re probably saying,”If I have to go through that much trouble, why bother?” Wrong. Think about it. If you were hiring an employee you would do a background check; so why not check out the guy you’re willing to bring into your world. Whether you pay $29.95 or ask probing questions to him or those who may know him, check him out before making a committment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have three relationship references as required when applying for a job?

Brianna Mayfield is a fictional character. Read more about her in my upcoming book – His Invisible Wife.

More about His Invisible Wife:
How far would you go for a million dollars?

Texas businessman Jacob “Jake” Banks is about to lose his business and everything else he’s worked for until his uncle dies and leaves him as the executor of his estate–only catch is, he has to marry and marry a specific woman in order to cash in on the inheritance. Big problem, since Jake has vowed to be a bachelor for life.

Brianna Mayfield is at her last rope. Her father lost his business due to Jake’s uncle turning down a loan. She’s convinced this caused her father to fall into a deep depression. She blames the Banks and vows to pay them back one day. When she sees an ad in the paper for a job at her self-proclaimed enemy’s company, she feels her luck is turning around. She applies and is later approached by Jake with a proposition she can’t turn down.

His Invisible Wife can be pre-ordered on It will be in stores in July 2009.

Shelia M. Goss is the Essence Magazine Best-Selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true, Paige’s Web and Double Platinum. His Invisible Wife is her fifth novel. For more information, visit her website

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  1. Gayla Ogiamien

    Hi – It’s great to read such interesting writing on the Web as I have been able to fiind here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this site again. Thanks again for publishing such great reading material!!

  2. Britney's

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  3. Shelia

    I would like to thank the moderators at Romance Junkies for hosting this stop on the Invisible Love tour. Thanks all!!!

  4. Shelia

    “I’d rather pay $29.95 beforehand than lose irreplaceable time afterwards. ”

    KD–that’s exactly how I feel.

  5. kd

    I agree, it’s sad it comes to that but in this day & age, people have to be careful and protect what they’ve worked hard for. And I’d rather pay $29.95 beforehand than lose irreplaceable time afterwards. Great post!

  6. Shelia

    lol Lashonda–knowledge is power or in the case of our hearts–it’ll save some heartaches.

  7. Lashonda Silver

    Great post. Boy I wish I had done a few background checks in the past. And gotten references, blood type, next of kin….LOL boy there are some jokers out there.

  8. Shelia

    Beverly & Gwyneth – single women can never be too careful.

  9. Gwyneth Bolton

    Great post! It is very informative. It should help a lot of women out. And I can’t wait to read His Invisible Wife. It sound like it is going to be full of great drama!


  10. Beverly

    Great blog!
    Wonderful advice – would have saved a ot of women heartache

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