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I am an avid romance reader, obviously, considering my debut novel, “Lost In You” is in the romance genre.

I enjoy books by Nicholas Sparks and Luanne Rice. I adored the “Twilight” saga mostly because of the love story. However, my gripe about the romance industry are all the cliches.

Is it me or do authors, both male and female, portray women as helpless damsels in distress that are depressed piles of mush without a man?

As a woman, I understand being depressed when your heart is broken, but I feel most authors make female characters out to rely solely on male companionship.

I personally prefer a more well-rounded romance novel. I want to read about leading ladies who can save themselves while the guy is there to encourage them and make them believe in love and themselves.

As for the male characters in most books I read, they are usually perfect. And the parts of them that aren’t dissolve by the end of story.

These fictional men change to get their woman back. To me, I think after a while, it sends across the wrong message to women.

You shouldn’t be with a man to “change” them or “train” them. I think these novels give readers false hope that “if he loves me enough, he will change”.

If you married the most unromantic man in the world, well, you knew that going into the relationship and chances are he’s not going to one day sprinkle roses on your pillow.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying there isn’t hope for change. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t read these books. I just wish more writers would portray realistic men and women.

As a novelist, I hope that is what I bring with “Lost In You” and my upcoming novel “Dream Catchers”.

You can read chapters from both books and get links to purchase “Lost In You” on my website:

Thank you for reading!
Hugs, Kisses & Stars,
Sandy Lo

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  2. OOE

    Hey there!

    I was searching the internet for Romance cliche’s because I’m going to rewrite a story that I’ve written and don’t want to fall into the same ol’ traps that we see over and over again. Love at first site, the tingling sensation when they touch for the first time, etc. etc.

    I’ve still yet to find an actual site with a list of over used cliche’s so if you know of a site I’d love to hear about it.

    I found your blog and noticed that you like Twilight and Nicholas Sparks so I thought I’d stop in and say hi. I write Twilight fanfic (all human) but want to take my story to the next level and see if it’s worthy of being published. I’ve been told that I write like Nicholas Sparks, but I couldn’t tell you since I haven’t read one of his novels yet.

    I thought I’d drop you the link and see what you think. You are obviously an avid reader and I wanted to know your opinion on my story. It’s HUGE (almost 300K words) so I know I need to cut over half of it out before an agent will look at it but it’s had a pretty good response on the site.

    Anyway, here it is if your interested.


  3. Sandy Lo

    Thank you both Susan and Mary!! I appreciate all of your support and looking into my novels! 🙂 Would love to hear feedback from you after you read them.

    Hugs, Kisses & Stars,

  4. Mary Campbell

    Hi Sandy,
    Both of your books sound like great reads. I will have to go to your web site and read your excerpts.


  5. susan leech

    Hi Sandy..I agree so many books have the woman weak but I just finished A Taste Of Fire by Hannah Howell and the woman was as strong if not stronger than the hero. It was a good book. I enjoy the excerpts you shared too and looking forward to a book or so of yours very soon to enjoy. I am making a list whne my ss check gets here, counting the days. ha ha susan L.

  6. Relationship Experts

    I read this book this is very romantic book.

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    […] over to and read my guest blog about romance themes I’m bored with in books!  Maybe you feel the […]

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