Romance novelist, Kat Martin, compelled to write a story that will touch your heart ...

     Kat MartinHaving written more than forty-five historical and contemporary

     novels, when I got the idea for THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK, I had no 

     idea how to begin.  This kind of book was different than

     anything I had ever done before.  This was serious fiction,

     a story concept that began with an old woman named Lottie

     Sparks who is stricken with Alzheimer’s and her orphan

     grandson, Teddy. I felt compelled to write this book. 

My husband’s mother, beloved to both of us, had suffered and died of this terrible disease and I’m sure that’s where the first kernel of an idea for THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK began. 

There were other characters in the story, of course, but every time I tried to write the book, I felt as if something were missing.

Then I realized that being a romance writer, I was looking for the once-in-a-lifetime, forever kind of romance that would bring the story together. 

And so I came up with Syl Winters and Joe Dixon, two lost souls whose once-unshakable love for each other had been destroyed years ago.  After months of trying to make the story come together, I had finally found the key. 

Still, it took me two years to write the book and it is not a long novel. 

THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK is a heartwarming, emotional tale I am hoping readers will enjoy, the kind of Christmas miracle we all look for in our lives. 

I hope you’ll watch for THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK and that it touches your hearty.  All best wishes for a happy Holiday Season, Kat


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The Christmas Clock, by Kat Martin



The Christmas Clock is available at on-line retailers and in bookstores.

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4 Responses to Romance novelist, Kat Martin, compelled to write a story that will touch your heart …

  1. Romance novelist, Kat Martin, compelled to write a story that will touch your heart …

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  2. kat martin

    Peg360 Hope you like the book! happy holidays, Kat

  3. kat martin

    hi, Pam! Love this time of year. We are in Las Vegas tonight on holiday and the town looks gorgeous with all the red and green. I wrote a lot of The Christmas Clock during the Christmas season so that I would have the flavors of the season all around me. Hope You enjoy the book! Warmest,kat

  4. peg360

    I am a big fan of your books.and look forward to reading the Christmas Clock.

  5. Pam Keener

    The premise of your book sounds so good. I am always looking for a good Holiday story to warm my nights. I will definately be checking this out.
    Love & Hugs,

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