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Hello, RJ readers! I am Kathryn Lively, publisher of Phaze Books, and I thank the good folks of Romance Junkies for allowing me the time to blog today. I’d like to thank our readers, too, for making 2008 one of our best years so far, and as we near our fifth year of business I hope we can continue to offer you a great selection of erotic and sensual romance. If you have visited us online at, you’ve seen the variety of stories we offer – romantic and sizzling happily-ever-afters to thrilling paranormals and urban fantasies. We have among us several bestselling and award-winning authors, and a few new faces to the genre who are certain to become very familiar in the romance world. I wish I could take the time to sing the praise of every author in the Phaze universe, but I just have today. Therefore, I will touch upon some of our more popular genres and series and invite you to visit us today. Use the coupon RJUNKIES when you next purchase from to receive 30% off the total price!

Romancing the RJ Blog with Phaze BooksInterracial Romance

Love is colorblind, and at Phaze Books we celebrate the diversity of relationships with wonderful stories from authors who specialize in interracial romance. Marie Rochelle’s Drace Brothers series is especially popular with readers, and Bridget Midway’s Fascination Street is gaining an enthusiastic following as well. We’re excited to announce, too, that our next Coming Together charity anthology will feature all interracial stories, and an introduction by L.A. Banks! A future Phaze Fantasies volume will be comprised of interracials, with a pending release date in late 2009. Authors interested in submitting such works to us are welcome to query.

M/M Erotic Romance

Romancing the RJ Blog with Phaze BooksSome woman love men who love men, and we are proud to publish some of the best writers capable of conveying the eroticism and emotion of homosexual relationships. James Buchanan’s Twice the Cowboy was a P&E Reader’s Award Winner, and our first M/M collection Phaze Fantasies, Vol. III was a finalist in last year’s EPPIEs. From L.E. Bryce’s elegant Water Lovers of Sirilon to Jade Falconer’s Morningstar saga to the Dark Needs of Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael, fans of M/M are certain to be satisfied here.

Interesting in writing M/M? We always welcome the opportunity to evaluate new stories in this genre. If you can keep it in one “place” you might want to consider one of our newer lines, where a number of M/M titles have done well:

Romancing the RJ Blog with Phaze Books

Phaze Urban

We launched Phaze Urban in February as a means of presenting stories of big love set in big cities. Each Urban release is set entirely within a global metropolis, with genres ranging from M/M to paranormal.  That the first six Urban releases have been M/M shouldn’t deter authors of other genres from considering this line. Our latest Urban, Ava Rose Johnson’s In Control, is a beautiful contemporary set in Dublin,  and we’ll soon have more tales from around the world by Christine London, Jane Leopold Quinn, and Alessia Brio. If you’ve browsed the Phaze map and are worried that your city has been taken, don’t worry. Some cities are big enough for more than one story.

Coming Together

Romancing the RJ Blog with Phaze BooksGiving is sexy! While Phaze doesn’t have the market on this series of terrific erotic collections, I think we have some of the best. Coming Together for the Cure, a collection of stories benefitting the Komen Foundation, has been racking up the praise and awards since its release. In addition to the aforementioned At Last collection of interracial stories, be on the lookout for Against the Odds a collection to benefit Austism Speaks, and Into the Light, to benefit V-Day. That all authors and artists involved in this venture have donated their talents to help others is truly testament to the generosity of the romance community.

As for the future of Phaze…I’m not one to kiss and tell. I do promise, though, we will do our best to provide the hottest, most scintillating romance in eBook and print for you to enjoy. Happy reading!

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  1. Landon Tix

    That is such a superb resource that you just are providing and also you give it away for absolutely free. I take pleasure in seeing website pages that recognize the value of furnishing a prime resource for no cost. I definitely loved reading your post. Thanks!

  2. Cherie J

    Will definitely have to stop by your site and take a look around. I love having a variety of genres to choose from. Variety is after all the spice of life.

  3. Caffey

    Hi Phaze! I’ve enjoyed a number of your books and authors. Alot of favorites there and new authors! Especially the Heat Sheets!! Some neat themes with those. I love seeing that you put out some historicals, and really enjoy a variety of genres.

  4. Deidre Durance

    Phaze has a very diverse offering of books, should be something for any tastes.


  5. catslady

    I’ve always liked a variety in my reading – any genres really but I’m behind since I haven’t tried one with two men or a threesome yet.

  6. BreiaB

    I have to admit that I have a weakness for interacial books because I am a black woman who has been married to a white man for almost 12 years( together almost 15). I like to see books where these types of relationships work, instead of hearing the bad side all the time. I also hve started reading some m/m and I was pleasantly surprised to see an HEA there also. I guess everyone wants to have an HEA.

  7. tina brunelle

    actually l love the idea of doing something for autism. my son has it and there is so much we dont know its nice to see my favorite authors supporting a cause close to my heart!

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