Romancing the Soap Writer

by Libby Malin


We’ve all been there—two terrific guys wanting to win our hearts, and we just can’t decide which one to choose.

Okay, so maybe we haven’t all been there. 🙂


But in My Own Personal Soap Opera, Frankie McNally, head writer for the failing soap opera Lust for Life, finds herself torn between two great guys at a moment in her life when she’s emotionally vulnerable and fearful for her career and future. What should she do, whom should she choose?

One fellow is Victor Pendergrast, nephew of the soap opera’s sponsor, sent in to see if he can help save the show from cancellation. Victor is suave, manly (a former marine), smart and caring. Only drawback? He’s 20 years older than Frankie with a daughter her age.

The other guy is Luke Blades, dashing leading man on Lust, a great cook (who knew?), around the same age and outlook as she is, and a temporary houseguest in Frankie’s apartment while he recovers from an injury incurred on Dancing with the Stars. His drawback: Frankie is sure that eventually she would have to compete with millions of fans for his attention.

Her heart already bruised from a bad marriage, Frankie uses her soap opera to “write” out all her personal issues, letting characters say the things she wishes she could say in real life, wreaking revenge on those who hurt her by writing unflattering portraits of their personalities on the small screen. She’s not looking for love when it gobsmacks her right in the face, and she’s not sure how to handle it.

If anything, she’s looking for serenity as she deals with one crisis after another on the job and in her personal life—Luke’s broken leg means she has to change an upcoming “sweeps week” plot, her writing team all seem to be looking for jobs somewhere else, her ex has written a book with a character in it amazingly similar to her, and a real thief in the city starts imitating a plot on Lust.

Both Luke and Victor offer her comfort and support during this difficult period—Luke with his sexy affection and domestic gifts, and Victor with his excellent counsel and gentlemanly virility.

But each man offers risk as well as reward. If she pursues a relationship with Luke, will she end up as she did in her marriage—heartbroken by infidelity? If she chooses Victor, will she have to sacrifice a goal she’s always held dear—having children with the man she loves?

She barely has time to think, let alone feel, as events at work distract her heart and mind. When she does eventually set her heart on one man, events conspire to keep them apart—events that are orchestrated by others trying to break them up, paralleling an old plot on Lust.

I hope readers enjoy Frankie’s journey as she tries to determine not only what she wants from love, but what she wants from herself. As she figures out which guy is right for her, she also has to come to terms with the fact that she’s a smart cookie, capable of leading and winning, and deserving the very best from life and love.

Booklist has called Soap “smart and insightfully written,” while Publishers Weekly was kind enough to say that the book is “heavy on humor . . . Malin coaxes plenty of laughs.”

If you stop by my website, you can read the first chapter of Soap. Be sure to let me know what you think!  Do you watch soap operas? If so, do you have a favorite . . . and a favorite romance on the show?

14 Responses to Romancing the Soap Writer

  1. Willian

    Everyone has an opinion whether it be right or wrong.
    He doesn’t understand why she is acting a certain way.
    A spring bouquet, perhaps’ for ‘no particular reason’.

  2. Chris Mead

    I don’t usually watch soaps because I am too busy reading. I do like to watch the Tudors which is almost a soap with all of the cheating, violence and back stabbing that goes on.

    Best wishes,

    Chris M

  3. Cherie J

    Sounds like a good read. I don’t watch the soaps. I used to watch one of them a little when I was a teenager. I think it was One Life to Live.

  4. Sherry Haut

    I used to watch The Young & The Restless.

  5. Mary Campbell

    I am more into the night time soap Tree Hill than the daytime soaps. Frankie has a very tough decission to make. This story sounds very interisting.

  6. Little Lamb Lost

    I have never been interested in watching soaps but this book sounds like a total hoot.

  7. Kathleen

    I am for sure going to look out for this book.. I watch two soaps I have been watching on and off for many, many years.. One Life to Live and General Hospital.. Don’t have time for more than these..

  8. Carol L.

    I’m going over to your web site to check out Soap. I also haven’t watched a soap in over 5 years. I read so much now I very rarely watch television.
    I enjoyed your blurb.
    Carol L.

  9. Annette Snyder

    who doesn’t like a good soap?

  10. Karen H in NC

    I’ve never been a watcher of soap operas….ever. Never home during the daytime hours and when I was, my nose was probably stuck in a book. Today, after retiring over 10 years ago, I still don’t turn on TV before evening primetime! Nose is still stuck in a book. LOL This book sounds pretty good too…will consider adding it to my BTB list.

  11. Debby

    My Own Personal Soap Opera sounds great. Iused to watch them on TV but no longer do due to time.

  12. Pam Keener

    I loved Passions and it’s quirky storylines. I loved Ethan and Theresa & Luis & Sheridan. I also loved the antics of Timothy & Tabitha.
    I don’t watch soaps now as I am too busy reading.
    My Own Personal Soap Opera sounds awesome I will check it out.
    Love & Hugs,

  13. Lori Leger

    I haven’t been able to watch soap operas in nearly twenty years. I’ve had favorites over the years. (This will tell you how OLD i am!) Ryan’s Hope, Another World, Young and the Restless and I believe my all time favorite USED to be Santa Barbara…LOVED Cruz Castillo.

  14. Eva Lege

    Love the soaps. my fav is One Life to Live. Clint and Viki always stay connected.I am definitely going checkout My Own Personal Soap Opera, on your website. Eva

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