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Rookie-Move by Sarina Bowen

“I absolutely loved this second chance romance that addressed real and difficult issues but still kept the characters captivating and so charismatic you are rooting for them to make it to their happily ever after. With this just being the start of a new series I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Bruisers next. Sarina Bowen has long been a favorite author of mine, and this book just proves why she is one of the best. ”  Jill D., ♥♥♥♥♥  Recommended Read


An excerpt from ROOKIE MOVE by Sarina Bowen

“Come right this way,” Georgia heard her coworker and roommate Becca say, the clomp of her Dr. Martens echoing through the grand old passageway. “Nate is excited to meet you.” Becca was the owner’s assistant, and Georgia lingered half a second to wave her down and offer her a donut, too.

But Becca didn’t happen to look in Georgia’s direction as she led a tall man down the corridor. Something about his gait snagged Georgia’s subconscious. So she took a second look.

And that’s when her heart took off like a manic bunny rabbit. Because she knew that man. She knew the chiseled shape of his masculine jaw, and the length of his coal-black eyelashes.

Oh my God.

Omigod, omigod, omigod.

“How was your flight?” Becca asked him, oblivious to the fact that Georgia was spying.

“Not too bad. I got in late last night.”

The sound of his voice fluttered right inside Georgia’s chest. It was the same smoky sweet timbre that used to whisper into her ear while they made love. She hadn’t let herself remember that sound in a long time.

Now it was giving her goosebumps. The good kind.

“Welcome to Brooklyn,” Becca said while Georgia trembled. “Are you familiar with the area?”

“Grew up about thirty miles from here,” he answered while chills broke out across her back.

Holding her breath, Georgia eased her office door further closed, until only a couple of inches remained. She could not be caught like this—freaked-out and speechless, hiding behind a door.

The movement caught Becca’s eye, though. Georgia saw her turn her head in her direction and then pick her out in the crack where the door was still open. Becca raised one eyebrow—the one with the barbell piercing in it.

All Georgia could do was close her eyes and pray that Becca wouldn’t call out a greeting.

There was a pause before Georgia heard Becca say, “Right this way, please.”

Quietly, Georgia stepped into her office and shut the door. After flipping on the light, she let her briefcase and pocketbook slide right to the floor. Only the folder that Nate had given her was still in her shaking hands. She flipped it open, her eyes searching for the new player’s name on the page.

But she didn’t even need the paperwork to confirm what her racing heart had already figured out. The newest player for the Brooklyn Bruisers was none other than Leonardo “Leo” Trevi, a six-foot-two, left-handed forward. Also known as her high school boyfriend, the boy she’d loved with all her heart until the day that she’d dumped him. And now he was here?

“Thanks, universe,” she whispered into the stillness of her office.



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8 Responses to Rookie Moves Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. bn100

    the sports

  2. Liz

    Love sports romances because they have heroes that are physically gifted and athletic. The idea of a man in command of himself is very appealing to me.

  3. heatherzilla

    I have always loved sports romance. My husband and I read them together. Some of my favorites are: The Ivy Years by Sabrina Bowen, The Glasgow Lads by Avery Cockburn, The Game On series by Kristen Callihan, The Sweet Home/Carillo Brothers series by Tillie Cole, the Scoring Chances series by Avon Gale, the Hashtag/Gearshark series by Cambria Hebert, Us/Him by Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy, Cold Fury series by Sawyer Bennett , and Off Campus by Elle Kennedy,

  4. Stephanie W.

    I love sports romance because, frankly, I’m not that much into sports except baseball. Sports romances always feature great tension and an admittedly fit and handsome hero!

  5. Jennifer

    I’m a huge sports fan and love to read! I wasn’t aware there were so many sports romances out there. I love hockey and am a huge Blues fan! I’m looking forward to reading this series.

  6. JeanMP

    Enjoy reading sports romances, and especially enjoy books featuring hockey storylines, big hockey fan.

  7. Janiec

    So excited about the new series. I’m a sports fan and I like reading sports romances to see how real the sport or its athletes are portrayed.

  8. Colleen C.

    I love romances of all types… have enjoyed reading sports romances… getting little behind the scene looks into a sport… but it is always the journey to the HEA that I love most!

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