Sexual Sacrament by Angela Caperton

I believe that sex is a sacrament.

Even casual sex can give us a glimpse of the divine, but sex between two people who love each other deeply is a transcendent experience that takes us out of our own skin and into a realm of sensual communion that surpasses all others. Even if you dismiss the mystical reasons why this might be so, you are left with a fascinating web of biology and pheromones more intoxicating than a lotus’ kiss.

Whatever your belief, sex has a meaning.

It is a magic anyone can cast, practical and liberating.  It is a worship of our senses, our creator’s gifts, and testament to the blessings of life itself.

Good sex turns flesh into energy and melds two (or more) conscious spirits into one.

This is a theme I find myself returning to constantly in my writing.  In a way, nearly everything I write is about the sacred nature of sex, and I strongly suspect that will always be the case.

In my award winning erotic fantasy Woman of the Mountain, I created a world where sex is not just intrinsic to life and happiness; it is the core of the dominant belief system in the culture of a realm.  The story centers on the heroine, Adita, the high priestess to the goddess Zenthe, a deity who represents the very essence of sexual pleasure and the overwhelming power of love.  In the story, Adita must fulfill her obligations to Zenthe, but must also contend with a jealous rival, the growing threat of a patriarchal religious movement that seeks to overthrow Zenthe’s influence, and her own forbidden desire for her Captain of the Guard, Casmin.

I aimed to create a world where sexuality is sacred, not only in rite or doctrine, but as an unfettered and freely expressed expression of every element of life.

Sex is powerful magic. When it is mated with heart-filled desire and a love powerful enough to challenge destiny the earth moves…

Now you know my views of sexual sacrament.  What do you think about sexuality and the divine?


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5 Responses to Sexual Sacrament by Angela Caperton

  1. Angela Caperton

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments! Please, feel free to comment further here, or email me at I’d love to hear your opinions and feelings on this subject.

    Also, check out my blog for upcoming details on my Woman of the Mountain Anniversary contests!

    Angela Caperton
    Elegant Eclectic Erotica

  2. Kc

    I plan to read this soon. I have some books i am in a the process of reading and yours is one.


  3. Savanna Kougar

    I have to absolutely agree. Beautifully said! And how I’ve always felt at my divine center. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Red

    Angela, this is beautiful!! I agree on every count. Sex is liberating, it is freedom, it is definitely a glimpse of the divine. I must read your book now! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Ashlyn Chase

    Beautifully said! I’d been trying to put into words those very ideas for a while but how do you describe something that defies description? Well, you just did, my dear!

    Now I’m off to check out that book of yours. It sounds fabulous.


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