Sometimes We All Need a Do Over by Sami Lee

One of the reasons I write is because human behaviour fascinates me. Why do people make the choices they make? How do they deal with the consequences if life doesn’t lead them where they expected? What would happen if they could go back and ‘do over’ parts of their lives? Would they be happier, or would they end up back in the same place with the same problems? 

We all have those moments in life that make us wonder. If we had done this or that differently, how would our lives have turned out? We’ll never know the answer, but asking the question is part of what makes us human. I like putting my characters in situations that force them to make a big choice, the kind of decision that could change the course of the rest of their lives. We don’t always recognise these moments when they happen, but I like my characters to be aware of the import of their actions and to watch them have the inevitable trouble dealing with the pressure. 

In my first print release with Samhain Publishing, Born Again Virgin, Kelsey Simmons thinks she knows what Mr Right looks like. She thinks she knows just what she wants. The along comes a virtual Mr. Wrong in the form of KD McKinley. He’s wearing a tool belt and a tempting smile and all her pre-formed beliefs are challenged. Will she choose security over the lure of physical chemistry? Or is there more to her attraction to KD than sex? 

What about you? Is there something in your life you’ve ever wanted to ‘do over’?

11 Responses to Sometimes We All Need a Do Over by Sami Lee

  1. Maureen

    I think it can drive you crazy thinking of what you should have done differently in life. Trying to make better decisions in the future is the best any of us can do now.

  2. Jess Dee

    First off, Sami – congrats for the print release of Born Again Virgin. I absolutely loved the book.
    What would I do differently? Hmm, train myself to eat healthily, instead of filling up on all the junk I simply cannot resist. Anyone have the secret to changing your dietary patterns in adulthood? I ould be eternally grateful.


  3. limecello

    Haha, I know I can’t really change it, but… maybe re-start law school. Or, go before that, and go to a different one.
    Sometimes I consider what I’d do differently if I could go back to high school. [Although, my experiences weren’t really bad.] Ah well. It’s just an interesting thing to think about, but not obsess over.

  4. Sami Lee

    Thanks everyone for your interesting responses.

    I think the key seems to be accepting the things we can’t change, although some regret in life is unavoidable.

  5. Robynl

    I would change this: wished I had told my parents why my then dh divorced me. He cheated but I didn’t want to hurt my parents so I let it be. I think they would have changed their minds somewhat about me if they had known.

  6. Lindy

    I might change some of the little things I’ve done, but not the big things because they all led me to where I am today, and I’m very happy with my life overall. 🙂


  7. Helen

    I think you are right Sami – we all wonder where different choices would have led us. I’m reminded of the movie “Sliding Doors” where you see the outcome of her either catching the train and missing it. Great movie. As for myself, while some things I wish could change, I can’t so it’s a matter of accepting and moving on.

  8. Rachael Blair

    Sami – there are LOADS of things in my life I think I’d like to change or try again, so I can’t wait to read your book. Although at the same time my motto is ”Don’t regret the things you do, regret the things you don’t do!”

    Can’t wait to read…

  9. mamasand2

    A bad first husband, but if not for him I wouldn’t have ended up meeting my second husband and having 5 fantastic kids and 13 grandkids.
    My policy is to make the best choices you can at the time, and not waste time second guessing them later.

  10. Sami Lee

    That’s a good approach to life Karen. We can’t change things so why waste the energy wishing we could?

  11. Karen H in NC

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda? Altho there are lots of things I would like an opportunity to ‘do over’, and maybe by doing something differently my life would have been different, but would it have been as full? Given the chance, I don’t think I ever would do anything over.

    There was a line in ‘Sex and the City’ some years back where Carrie wrote: ‘Are we shoulding all over ourselves?’ and I so agree with that statement. There are no ‘do overs’ so I let it be.

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