St. Jude's Hospital and The Wild Rose Press by Judith Rochelle

As a writer I am always more than grateful for the good luck I’ve had with my writing and more than appreciative of all my readers who support me. After all, without readers, nothing happens to the books and we’re just writing for ourselves. Many publishers feel the same way, thankful for all the readers who buy their books and continue to do so. It’s all about the support we receive from everyone out there.  

But you have to give something back, too, something to show that this isn’t a one way street and that we’re all willing to repay the good luck that comes our way. 

This year The Wild Rose Press and I are joining forces in a project to do just that. Having chosen St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis as their charity of choice, TWRP wanted to take one book, promote it for an entire year, and contribute all proceeds to St. Jude’s. That means they eat all the expenses and the editor, cover artist and I contribute our pay and royalties. No one is making a penny out of this except, we hope, St. Jude’s.  

When they asked me to write the book, I was more than flattered and set about it right away. The result is the gritty romantic suspense, ON THE RUN, which will release January 21 as an ebook and in February in print.  

When Robin Fletcher saw her sister brutally murdered by her wealthy, abusive husband, she followed her instinct and grabbed her five-year-old nephew, determined to protect him at all costs. Months later they are living in Memphis, with new names and a new life, when their sense of security is shattered. Andy is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and in a malevolent twist of fate, the killer has discovered where Robin, now Laura, is living. Can the doctor with whom she is rapidly falling in love protect her against the vicious man determined t kill her as he did her sister, or will she once again have to go ON THE RUN? 

6 Responses to St. Jude's Hospital and The Wild Rose Press by Judith Rochelle

  1. Ann Bruce

    Great cause! I’m so there.

  2. Carol

    This sounds really good! I can’t wait to read it! It’s wonderful that St. Jude’s will benefit from this!

  3. linda bass

    hi judith! i am so happy that you are doing this for a worthy cause and i definitely want to read this!

  4. mammakim

    Judith, the book sounds awesome. Can you get it at any bookstore when it comes out?

  5. Karen H in NC

    This book sounds really good. Will have to check it out.

  6. TJ Michaels

    This is a fabulous project, and knowing Judith, an even more fabulous book!


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