Summer Giveaway!--ENDED

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CONTEST ENDED. Congrats to April Kirkland!!!

We’ve got another great book bonanza giveaway for you contemporary romance fans! 

Great reads from Molly Harper, Roselle Lim Uzma Jalaluddin, Jasmine Guillory, and Kerry Winfrey. Just answer a simple question to be entered to win. (U.S. only, sorry!)

To be entered to win our Summer Bonanza Giveaway*, simply comment in the post with your answer to the following question:

If able to spend a day swimming and sunning without a care in the world, would you choose to swim in:

  1. the ocean
  2. a crystal clear pool
  3. a refreshing lake

The Prize

Good luck! Contest winner announced 8/12. 


*prize mailed to continental U.S. address only

26 Responses to Summer Giveaway!–ENDED

  1. Marianne Westrich

    Definitely a pool!

  2. Stephanie Rash

    Awesome group of authors here!

  3. April Kirkland

    Crystal clear pool for me!

    • Angi

      Gosh this is hard. The ocean is my happy place and I find so much peace there, so just for having a relaxing day, beach for sure.
      For swimming it’s a pool all the way. I’m not a strong swimmer and I get swimmers ear really easy.

  4. Donna Weathers Bailey

    With all of the bacteria and parasites running rampant these days, definitely a pool lol.

  5. Christy Hylton

    The ocean.

  6. Tammy

    Pool if I have to choose.

  7. TeriC

    Love RomanceJunkies 💋❤️

  8. TeriC

    Love RomanceJunkies 💋❤️

    Awesome group 🤣

  9. Angi

    Not sure how my post ended up as a reply to a reply lol

  10. Gale S.

    I don’t like swimming, at all, BUT I would hang out watching the ocean or lake ANY day!

  11. Glenda M

    I’m going with a pool so I can lounge in a float with my drink and book without having to worry about getting swept out to sea. LOL

  12. bn100

    the ocean

  13. JAM720

    I’m choosing the pool. Too many critters in the oceans and lakes. Plus lots of bacteria in non-pool settings.

  14. LzeroVESTORY

    Middle of the ocean , on a full moon night.

  15. Jamilynn Hanson

    OMG that’s a good question, since I have issues with going in dark water, I would have to say a #2 a crystal clear pool. Which with the weather being what it is right now sounds really good right now.

  16. Suzanne bourgeois

    The ocean! My favorite place to be!

  17. Cathy

    The ocean washes away everyday nonsense while filling the senses with everything good.

  18. Tanya

    A crystal clear pool

  19. Dana McKee

    A refreshing lake

  20. Jennifer Love

    The ocean!🤗

  21. Barbara Campbell

    Please type your message here…

  22. Barbara Campbell

    A refreshing lake.

  23. Siobhain

    Refreshing lake

  24. Pat Walker

    A crystal clear pool.

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