Susan Crandall says, "Romance for All!"

Romantic Suspense     First of all, a huge thank you to Romance Junkies for providing such a great place for readers and writers to get together.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone took just a little time out to read a fabulous romance?  I mean, in this genre there’s clearly something for everyone.  No matter what your reading taste, you can find a satisfying, uplifting story to brighten your perspective.

     For those of you who are already familiar with my books, you’ll see a change with this latest release, PITCH BLACK.  Previous to this title, I’d published six women’s fiction novels.  PITCH BLACK is my first romantic suspense.  However, it’s not the huge leap that one might expect in genre hopping.  My women’s ficiton titles have had a strong suspense or mystery element to them; and my romantic suspense is still character driven.

     About PITCH BLACK: 

Philadelphia journalist Madison Wade becomes a single mother when she adopts a thirteen-year-old street kid, Ethan.  In order to give him a completely fresh start, she relocates them to a rural eastern Tennessee town, where she’s the new editor of the local daily paper.  Just as they’re settling in – Madison adjusting the slower-pace of her new job and indulging in a flirtation with the local sheriff, Gabe Wyatt and Ethan finding a friend in a socially awkward boy, Jordan – things go horribly awry.  Ethan, Jordan, Jordan’s step-dad and two other teens go on a wilderness camping trip.  The boys return without their chaperone.

Gabe quickly discovers things are not what they seem and when foul play is suspected, all eyes fall on Ethan.  Gabe doesn’t want to believe Maddie’s son could be responsible, but all of the evidence is pointing that way.

Madison knows Ethan isn’t telling all, but can’t decipher who he’s protecting, or why.  When it becomes apparent that the four boys are also in danger, Madison uses her investigative skills to save her son from both the law and the killer.  But when she does, she walks into a web she never could have seen ahead in the darkness.

        “PITCH BLACK by Susan Crandall is a nail-biting thrill ride you will love until the last sentence is read.  Everything is in place for a gripping suspense, amazing characters, a twisting clever plot and steamy passion.” — Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

      “Be prepared to be thoroughly captivated by Susan Crandall’s PITCH BLACK world!”  — Karen Rose, NYT Bestselling author

     To get to know me a little better, check out my video interviews on youtube [youtube][/youtube] or click on “media” on my website,

     Also, for an audio reading of the first chapter of PITCH BLACK, visit my website,


     I’m always curious about the reading appetites of those interested in romance.  How many books do you read a month?  Do you read exclusively one subgenre of romance, or do you change it up?  Do you read outside the romance genre?

     I’ll be popping in throughout the day, posting various tidbits.  I’d love to hear your comments.  Let’s get a romance discussion going!

23 Responses to Susan Crandall says, "Romance for All!"

  1. Susan Crandall

    Hello Pam P, I hope your mother enjoys PITCH BLACK … and is sucked in for SEEING RED. I appreciate you spreading the word about my books to other readers!

  2. Pam P

    Hi Susan. Some years back I was more into mystery and suspense, then got back into romance and paranormals. I read more of the historical romances (love the medievals) and paranormals, fantasy and sci-fi, but I still read legal thrillers and romantic suspense to mix it up. I do like a bit of romance, even if just minor in the suspense. I told my mother about your book recently, as she sticks to the mystery and suspense (then I can get it from her, lol) and was looking for someone new to try. I’ll read between 8 to 15 books a month, sometimes more, depending on how life gets in my way.

  3. Cathy M

    I read a combo of ebooks and paper backs. Mostly paranormal romance, but I also enjoy reading romantic suspense, urban fantasy and an occassional historical.

  4. Susan Crandall

    Pam in PA,

    That was the only good part about soccer/baseball/basketball practice and the promised weekly trip to the comic book store — I had a chance to sit and read while I waited in the car. Never thought I’d think longingly of those carpooling days….

  5. Pamela Keener

    Pitch Black is on my list of must reads. I love romantic suspense. I also read mystery and thrillers. I really try to mix it up. I also prefer paperbacks. There is always one in my purse in case I am stuck waiting somewhere and so instead of getting impatient I immurse myself in a book.
    Time always flies when you are having fun
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  6. Susan Crandall

    Oops, in my euphoria about my new cover for SEEING RED, I got the previous post all jumbled!!! (You see, they just this minute arrived on my doorstep.) Clearly, I didn’t just receive my advance reading copies of PITCH BLACK! 😉

    Pamk, take a chance with PITCH BLACK … and I hope you’ll be hooked for SEEING RED (February).

  7. Susan Crandall

    Thanks, Pamk! I do hope you’ll try it. I just received my advance reading copies … the cover is georgous!!

    LOL on the “palate cleansing”, I know exactly what you mean.

  8. Pamk

    wow this book sounds really interesting. I read a lot of paranormals, fantasy, and futuristic/scifi. But occasionally I like to clear the palate as I call it and a romantic suspense. Love those especially when the get me. If I can’t solve it that makes the book so much more enjoyable for me. I’ll have to give your book a try.

  9. Susan Crandall

    LOL, Carol! That’s what I keep thinking. I’m too old to change!

  10. Susan Crandall

    Thanks, Billie Jo, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books!

  11. Carol

    Hi Susan,

    I love to read a variety of books from romance to mystery to crime thrillers. It depends upon the mood I’m in. I like both paperbacks and hardcovers. Paperbacks are nice to have in your purse to read when you are waiting somewhere and they are less expensive but hardcovers look so nice on your bookshelf! I will always be a fan of print books. I’m too old to change!

  12. Billie Jo

    Hi Susan,

    I am quite familiar with your books and have really enjoyed the ones I have read.

    I am a reader of a everything. I jump out of genre quite often so that the romance genre will be fresh for me.

    I have been reading since I was four and introduced to romance at 30. And OH MY what a world it has been. I gobble up every sub-genre in romance.

    I look forward to reading Pitch Black.

  13. Lynda

    I read a book in a day or two. I love romance from Nice to naughty, mystery to horror. I read true crime, mystery thrillers, horror, comedy and true events, oh yeah and business leadership books ( when I have to)
    I have books all over the house,nightstand, coffee table, desk etc. I have Hardbacks, paperbacks and ebooks.I get nervous when my TBR pile gets down to ten. My kids will worry if I don’t have a book near me, hence the nickname Nozinbook.
    I think I will always want print. There is just something nice about opening a new book.

  14. Susan Crandall

    Oh Karen, I adore historicals. I’m a Medieval junkie myself, so there aren’t nearly as many books out there as Regency period. I like the fact that Regency has had a rebirth these past few years.

    If given my druthers, I’d do nothing but read and go to the movies! I’m a complete story junkie.

  15. Karen H in NC

    I read about 3-4 books a month, sometimes more depending on what else is going on. I am a historical romance junkie with emphasis on the Regency era, however I have been known to read a good romantic suspense/mystery/thriller book on occasion. I have some ebooks but I read primarily paperbacks. If I had an ereader, I might be imclined to read more ebooks. Maybe someday, when I read the over 800 paperbacks on my bookshelves, then I might go 100% into ebooks.

  16. Susan Crandall

    LOL, Maureen. I was pretty pokey when it came to getting a cell phone and an MP3 player. I can’t see that switching to an e-reader will come any easier to me.

    I’m with you on the portability of paperbacks. Not to mention when you’re lying in bed reading and fall asleep, they don’t bruise your face when they crash into it. 🙂

  17. Maureen

    Paperbacks are my favorites. They fit right in my purse and I always like to have one with me just in case I can find a few minutes to read. I know that someday we will all have our electronic book readers but I will hold out as long as I can. It took me forever to get a cell phone.

  18. mammakim

    Haha… My middle guy said that to me tonight when I said I sang good when he looked at me tonight. He told me it was atrocious and he was waiting for the neighbors to call the police. I told him I was going to sing at his next hockey game for him and his friends

  19. Susan Crandall

    Thanks, mammakim! I have to admit, when in the car, I like to crank the music and sing along too. My singing voice is atrocious so it’s the only time I can let it loose. I used to threaten to punish my children by singing to them! 😉

  20. mammakim

    I read historicals, suspense, contemporary, westerns, and I am sure there are a few more genres that I am forgetting offhand. I read ink and paper, mostly paperback. They fit easier in my work bag 🙂 I also listen to audio books while exercising and also when I work. Usually when I am driving I have the music cranked. It takes me a half hour on a good day to get to work so I can sing along and give the other motorists entertainment.

    It is great to see you at Junkies 🙂

  21. Susan Crandall

    All right, how about this question. Do you prefer reading ink and paper (if so hardcover or paperback?), or are you one of those people stepping boldly into the new century with e-readers? All of my books are available as e-editions.

    I personally perfer ink and paper — see how old fashioned I am? I do listen to audio books while driving or exercising (which I detest — escaping into a story is the only way I can tolerate it!).

  22. Susan Crandall


    I’m with you, I always like a romantic relationship in whatever I’m reading. I think it’s because deep down, a connection with another person is what is truly most fulfilling in real life. To be able to experience it in ficiton makes it so you can leave out the “unappealing” and boring parts!

  23. Maureen

    Hi Susan,
    That was a good interview and I think what you said about research is true about so many subjects. You think you are knowledgeable about something until you start looking closely at it. How many books I read in a month varies depending on how busy I am but I do desperately try to find time each day to read. It is relaxing to go to a whole other place, even if only in my mind. I like to read romance but if I’m reading women’s fiction, mystieries or suspense novels I still like some romance in it even if it’s secondary to the main story.

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