Tempting angels

Tempting angels“So, you are Lizzybell the guardian angel!” he said in a low voice, and flashed her a sly wink.

She opened her mouth but did not know how to reply. Had he somehow overheard Mihaela talking to her on some occasions? She could not think of how that could possibly be true.

“How… did you know?” she asked in consternation.

“Because I am like you.” He raised his eyebrows with a smirk and continued, “PickyWickly, another fallen angel here, at your service!”

Upon hearing such a declaration, she nearly dropped her cup of tea. As she strove to gather her wits, she became most curious.

“How is that you know about me but I knew nothing about you?”

“Michael is an overworked Commissioner,” he said sweetly, “I provided him a few bottles of wine to help him relax.”

“You got him drunk!” she flashed with anger. Of course – another disappointing man. “Did he tell you other things about me?”

“Why such fire, my dear?” he continued, “Do relax. He only told me that you are a level-six guardian angel who fell to Earth sometime after I did. He did not disclose the identity of your ward, or what you have been doing with him or her. He said his angelic memory only allowed him to handle details of a case when he was talking with that particular fallen angel.”

It is lucky for me that Michael’s memory is thus limited, she reflected. I would not want this PickyWickly to know about what my ward and I had done.

“So then, who is your ward?” he asked.

“That, sir, is none of your business!”

“Now, now, I am only being friendly,” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, “as we are two uniquely lonely souls on this lowly world.”

Given how handsome and charming he appeared, she believed she could have found in him a nice friend. But she was particularly wary of men at the moment, and so she proceeded carefully. “I do not wish to talk about myself, but you may tell me your story, if you are so inclined.”

“Of course, my sweet.” He smiled. “According to Michael, I am a level-seven angel.”

“The lowest …” she murmured thoughtfully.

“Yes, I know, I am the lowest kind,” he said with his hand on his heart, adopting an injured expression. “But I am different from you, for I am not a guardian angel.”

“There are other kinds of angels?”

“Indeed, just as Michael is a Lost Angel Commissioner.”

“Well, then, what is your duty?”

“I am a tempting angel,” he said proudly, “responsible for tempting men and women to commit sin.”


Well, do you believe in tempting angels? If yes, what do you think of their duties?

The above excerpt was adapted from my latest Regency novel Really Angelic: a steamy paranormal retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I’m delighted to offer a paperback copy of the book to ONE of you. Just tell me what you think by commenting below before 24 January 2010 EST and you will have a chance to win the book. Entry opens to worldwide readers. To read more about my books, you can visit SteamyDarcy.com

Thanks Kim and every one at Romance Junkies Blog for having me.

Enid Wilson from hot and beautiful Sydney, Australia

15 Responses to Tempting angels

  1. Enid Wilson

    Thanks RJ and Pam! The cover is nearly a month of TLC. Zuki, the graphic designer is a gem. I hope you will like the book, if you manage to read it one day.

  2. Pam S

    Hi Enid,

    I hadn’t thought of the idea realyl before, but can totally go for it. Your book sounds awesome and since it’s P&P based that’s even double the reason for me to snag it ;). Congrats on it’s release!

  3. Romance Junkies

    I love the cover! Totally eye-catching. Really Angelic sounds awesome

  4. Enid Wilson

    Travolta is cute, when he’s younger. Lisa, I wish I can command others to fall into my books too.

  5. Lisa G

    Hello Enid!
    Tempting angels are a wonderful idea! I can truly picture that happening. I remembered the movie ,”Michael” with John Travolta and I loved it. I can know why angels fall from heaven; to be in your books!

  6. Enid Wilson

    Thanks Chris, good that you like the book. I like Mr. Darcy more than Prince William, hehe. Josie, I can see you love P&P, like I do. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Josie Roetemeyer

    I love the idea of tempting angels!!! I’ve always found angels fascinating and can’t wait to read your book especially since it is based on Pride and Prejudice.

  8. Chris

    I just started reading REALLY ANGELIC and so far, it’s fabulous! I never, ever thought about the possibility of tempting angels, but you know… it makes TOTAL sense! Just wanted to share that.

    Oh, and I hope you got a healthy dose of Prince William! (:->

  9. Enid Wilson

    You could be right, Dina!

  10. Dina

    I believe, not all angels are good, some are naugthy.

  11. Enid Wilson

    Vanilla and chocolate, Pam, that’s a good symbolism for life.

  12. Pam Keener

    I have never even entertained a thought of the existence of a tempting angel but that might explain while I have a heart of gold in deed I sometimes swerve from being the goody girl that I really want to be. But at the same time I don’t want to be so vanilla that my life is boring.
    Love & Hugs,

  13. Enid Wilson

    Oh yes Margay, those bad boys that we hate, and love…

  14. Margay

    If there is a tempting angel, that would explain why we tend to fall for people that are so wrong for us!

  15. Enid Wilson

    Thanks Kim and Romance Junkies for having me. Prince William is visiting Sydney but I won’t miss all of you for him! *wink*

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