Hi Romance Junkies readers! Sorry this is so late but I work on Wednesdays and just got home. What, work you say? You didn’t realize that some authors actually have to work to pay the bills? I bet you thought that once we get published we’re instantly rich and work for us is sitting in front of a computer typing up best sellers while munching on chocolate and drinking sweet tea all day. I wish! LOL

I’ve had a best seller, my first book published with Whiskey Creek Press, “CUPID’S ARROW” was on their best sellers list for two consecutive months! You can check out a blurb and excerpt at my Debbie Wallace website.

The fact is, very few of us actually have the luxury of giving up our real jobs to devote our days to writing. It can take years to get to that stage, unless we have spouses who make enough money for us to stay at home. Or, if we’re really lucky, Oprah picks up a copy, reads it and loves it and mentions it on her show. She does have the midas touch:)

Writing is a hobby for me and I write evenings and weekends.  I’ve been penning stories since I was a kid, it’s always been my passion, even if getting published wasn’t my main objective. It was a kind of therapy for me, in many ways.

When my daughter and niece got their hands on one of my stories they convinced me to submit to a publisher so I did. Two months later I was stunned and thrilled to be offered a contract. And the rest is history.

My favorite part of writing is, believe it or not, the editing part because it only makes my story better. I also love seeing my characters come to life with every new book cover. I’m going to try and add my newest book cover, “THE COWBOY WAY” but if it doesn’t show up you can check it out at Romance with an Attitude. The book comes out on April 15th with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and is my 3rd torrid romance with them. It’s my first sexy cowboy read.

Blurb – An escaped convict driven by revenge complicates the lives of a sexy cowboy and the rancher’s daughter he’s trying to protect.

Arsen and murder.

THE COWBOY WAY Check out an excerpt on my Tory Richards website.

24 Responses to THE COWBOY WAY

  1. нeжнaянoчь

    Это действительно в точку!!! По другому и не скажешь! 🙂

  2. нapминa

    Жуть 🙂 Надо это использовать в корыстных целях. Просто обязательно!

  3. Святослав

    Увлекательно! Спасибо за материал.

  4. WiND

    Даа…. В этом блоге хоть комментаторы вменяемые А то пишут обычно в комментарии ерунду всякую.

  5. Debbie Wallace

    Hi Pam, Amy, Caffey, Crystal & Martha, thanks for your congrats, well wishes and comments.


  6. Pamk

    love that cover and sounds like a great book.

  7. Caffey

    Hi Debbie/Tory. I wouldn’t miss this! Yum cowboysssssss! This one definitely going on the wishlist! I love too that it will be a series. I get to re-visit characters and the small towns!

  8. Amy S.

    The Cowboy Way sounds great! I love cowboy books, will check this one out.

  9. MarthaE

    Seems to me you have a wonderful hobby and are doing a good job at it! So glad you have some supportive family! The new book sounds VERY good!!! Best wishes on the release!!

  10. Crystal B.

    I love cowboys. The Cowboy Way sounds good. Love the cover.

  11. Pam S

    I just wanted to stop by and say Congrats on your upcoming release :)! The book cover is very well done (it would certainly make me pick it up). I will be adding the book to my to get list.

    I am not sure if I love editing things, but I can appreciate being a perfectionist. I tend to want to edit my stuff a lot too. I am a designer and I will go back and edit things over and over lol.

    It so wonderful that your family is so supportive!

    Best of Wishes,
    Pam S

  12. Debbie Wallace

    Hi Lindy and Joan,

    I don’t know about great, Joan, maybe crazy:) But I do like editing. I guess that’s the perfectionist in me.

    You know Lindy, I just might have another cowboy romance in my future:) But the next romance I have, hopefully coming out in the future, has a sexy marine as the hero. I’m not done with the story yet but I’m close!

  13. Lindy

    Keep writing about those hot cowboys — we LOVE ’em! :>]


  14. Joan

    I can’t believed that you like editoring you work. I usually come up with three or four different papers or stories when I edit. I think that you are a very great lady because I would love to that.

  15. Debbie wallace

    Or… for Tory Richards website, my alter ego:)

    Thank you all for your responses and compliments on my new book cover. The artist also did “The Senator’s Daughter” book cover for me and as you can see she does fabulous work.

    Yes, I have a wonderful family. We’re all very close and take serious stock in each other’s opinions. The girls are also my traveling buddies and we often go on vacation together. They bring out the adventurer in me.

    Take care everyone and I hope you’ll visit my blog once in a while at: I’ll be launching a new blog and Tory site soon and it’s dynamite!


  16. Lisa R.

    Great cover and thanks to your daughter and friends for helping you in the right direction.

  17. Lexee

    I absolutely love the cover. The book sounds awesome, I will definately be checking it out.

  18. Cathy M

    I love sexy cowboys, and the excerpt is fantastic.

  19. Amanda

    I love stories about cowboys. Can’t wait to read this one.

  20. Raonaid

    It’s really cool that your daughter and neice thought your stories was good enough to be published. That shows great support on the family front.

  21. Sherry H

    I love books about cowboys! I’ll be checking it out.

  22. Ashley

    I love cowboy stories, and this one looks really good! Heading to check it out now 🙂

  23. RobynL

    what an awesome cover and the story promises to be a great read. I love cowboy stories – ranchs, wide open prairies, brandings, trail rides, etc.

  24. Ashley A

    Very interesting:) Your book looks great, I love cowboys!!

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