The end of the old

In a few days this year will be over and a new one will begin. With this time just before the year changes I always think of what the past year has brought. A sort of remembrance of the year gone by. There are so many ups and downs in a year. Things you plan for and the unexpected that happens and you deal with. It is interesting when I sit and think of it all.

This year was many twists and turns that made me realize a few things about myself. Realize a few things about others around me. It was a learning year. Well most every year is a learning year of some sort. Some more than others. I enjoy the lessons and grow from them.

With this new year coming I can’t wait to see what new I will learn.

McKenna Jeffries
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5 Responses to The end of the old

  1. Anymore

    I would have to say that instead of twists and turns my year of learning has been overflowing with opportunities to learn from or to run. Some I indeed learned something about myself and my family. Others, I ran as fast as I could into the recesses of my mind.

    It is not always easy to face one’s life change. One day you are a career professional and 6 months later it is shattered by disease. My daughter is the light that guides me through the darkness. Yet there are times she has to leave me so that I can release the pent up frustrations, anxieties and fears. I used to think one can always do something to help themselves.

    I did learn. I was presented with no career, inability to do crafts or other things, unable to take walks and drives with my daughter, and a mind that seem to have selective amnesia. What did I learn? That faith has to guide you. If you do not ask for help you will not receive any. Not to pity myself due to the circumstances I am in now. Make sure my child is adapting and not mimicing my actions. Praying everyday that the Lord will decide I am worthy of receiving him and will be healed.

    Peace be with you all during this lovely Christmas time.


  2. Sue A.

    This past year I learned what I’m willing to do for someone else with no personal gain. I hope I’ve grown from the experience. I’m hoping this next year is kinder to my family.

    Wishing all the best in the New Year!

  3. susan leech

    I am not sure you would call it learning or just discovering. I read romance books the most and this year after joining in on the fun with these sites I read a vampire book and now I like them too as well as paranormal and shapeshifters. I have now become more aware what I can read and enjoy. Thanks everyone who had a part in my new experiences. susan L.

  4. Linda Henderson

    I hope you have an incredible New Year and I do like the sound of your book.

  5. Little Lamb Lost

    Each year brings new events and challenges. May your lessons learned be ones which bring happiness.

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