The Men in My Life

I have been married for 16 years to a wonderful man.  He is nurturing and kind…I couldn’t ask for anything else in a mate.  I love him dearly.  But he’s not the only one.  There are other men in my life.  They are dashing and handsome, valiant, outspoken and courageous.  And I love them all. 

Who are the other men in my life?

The other men in my life are my characters and each day I enter into a wonderful world, where one by one, they come out and greet me.  I tag along as they make their mark on their world, and it’s a glorious ride.

Daniel, my latest hero in my debut novel, Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees is the strong silent type.  A little too, silent.  He’s got a secret he’s not telling the woman he loves and it’s about to cost him everything.  And there’s Webster who is living far beneath his potential, allowing his charm and good looks to get him into and out of anything he desires.  The current story I’m working on features Craig, the cad– steer clear of this one ladies, he reeks of no good!  For some reason, he’s my favorite.   And there are others in line, waiting for me to begin a new story, so they can have their time to shine.

My stories are filled with characters of all sorts and I enjoy them all, but it’s the men who steal my heart with each chapter I write.  Some of them perfect, some of them flawed but each of them displaying their own unique voice and coloring the story in their own unique way.  They are strong and complex but there’s a vulnerability and sensibility they hold toward the women they love and they are brave enough to allow that love to shape them.  In a word… they are delicious.  And when it comes to the men in my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tonya Lampley

Life…one chapter at a time  

The Men in My Life

What happens when things seem too good to be true?

Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees- available at Red Rose Publishing.   Coming soon to print!

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  2. Tonya Lampley

    Thanks Verna!

  3. Verna Hargrove

    Congratulations on your book.

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