The Song Trilogy

Before I begin I want to thank Romance Junkies for allowing me this opportunity.

I read a blog awhile back about how one author felt “the romance, the foundation of these novels” has falling to the level of just sex, sex and more sex. I found it interesting to read because I happen to share the same opinion. When I read a romance novel, or any book for that matter, I want to see a story with plenty of subplot. I want to see the characters develop and welcome me into their world as if I was one of them. I want a lot more than just erotic sex scenes.

When I started writing, I had no idea where I was going with my story – I just started to dabble with words and storylines. If anyone had asked me if I was planning on creating a trilogy, I would have told them they were crazy. But the thoughts kept flowing and flowing to the point that I had too many plots for just one book, which is how my three-part Song Trilogy was born.

It all began with Beyond Beautiful. Two giants of rock ‘n roll, Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny, find love in spite of their world’s chaos and the emotional baggage each one of them brings to this sizzling relationship. Jenna finds out a horrific secret about herself kept from her since childhood, and Scott’s been dealing with his own demons for years. The love they share gives them the strength to help one another as they struggle to build their relationship under the pressures of their professional lives.

Sweet Emotions, the second volume, continues with Jenna and Scott as their lives take off in new directions. They continue to build a solid life for themselves and the child they bring into the world, while dealing with bitter truths involving each other. This book brings many emotions – of joy, sorrow and happiness – to an expression of love shared by these two with their family and friends on Christmas Eve.

Deuces are Wild, the conclusion to the trilogy, follows Jenna and Scott as they fight to find their way back to one another after a heartbreaking separation. This last of the series encounters betrayal, blackmail, kidnapping, even murder. The ending, I have been told, leaves readers in shock.

Some of the characters in my books are based on people I have known or still know today. Some events come from real life, especially those dealing with issues of abuse. I was able to put my background in nursing to use, bringing out medical issues as well. I could easily put myself into some of the situations based on experiences I either witnessed or was personally involved in through the years.

Many readers are drawn by the trilogy’s strong character development. They find themselves able to relate to these individuals and the issues these two dynamic people face as their relationship evolves and deepens. There is plenty of steamy sex, to be certain, but behind it all is a real story with real issues. Celebrities deal with many of the same situations as we all face; one of my goals was to make that quite evident.

Read my reviews, then read for yourself and see if you agree. You can visit my website,, for more information. Check out the catchy trailer too!

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