Things that go bump in the night ;-)

Halloween is just around the corner. Is there a local ghost story from your part of the country that you want to share? Have you or anyone in your family had an encounter with the paranormal? Readers and Authors come share those ghostly encounters with us….and on halloween we will come in and pick some winners for some free reads from our RJ book vault. Just participate with a ghostly tale to be entered in our things that go bump in the night chaoscat shout out blog contest 😉

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  1. Michele

    We have a ghost that likes to take our checks. A couple times over the years we have left our checks that need to be taken to the bank on the counter in the kitchen. The next day the check would be gone. We looked all over the house for it only to discover it was behind the stereo. We have an old record player that is in a cabinet. Why the check ends up there we don’t know. Now we keep the check in a safe place. We never put it on the kitchen counter anymore. We do know that the lady who used to live in our house before us was a caterer. She did all the cooking in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe she thinks checks don’t belong in the kitchen!

    Also, one month after we had moved into our house in 1985, I had a weird thing happen. I had gone to bed and fallen asleep. Something woke me up and I looked up. A man was standing next to my bed. At first I thought it was my husband but then realized it was an older man. I shot up out of bed, ran to the living room, and noticed Al was watching t.v. I asked him if he was just in my bedroom just to soothe my already unsettled nerves at seeing a ghost. He said, “No, why do you ask?” I told him that I just saw a man standing next to my bed. He was startled and he said that he was definitely no where near my bedroom a minute ago. Well, neither of us got much sleep that night after that happened!

    Also, our t.v. goes out when I go on vacation my husband told me. We don’t know if it is just coincidence or what. Whenever I have gone on vacation for at least a couple of days or so the t.v. won’t work while I am away. Then, Al says when I come home again it works!

    Al and I also saw a UFO above our house about 10 years ago in the night sky. It had lights all going around it in a circle, blinking on and off. The craft hovered there for a while and then, woosh, it was gone!

    Also, Al had ghostly encounters out on an old farm. Al and his friends who own the farm would stay over night in this old farm house on their property. There are several buildings on the property. The boys homestead is on one part of the land while the old farmhouse is on another part along with corn cribs, storage buildings, etc. Anyway, they would always spend the night in the old farm house. Every night they would always here someone walking back and forth on the front porch. Then the door knob would be rattled as if the person was trying to get in. They never saw a ghost or any person but just always heard the footsteps and the rattling of the front door.

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  4. Lisa R.

    When my mother was a little girl they live in a old farm house. That she swear was haunt. When she and her sister went to bed there thing had been remove from were they put them the night before. One night my mother woke up from a noise. Barely awake she see someone rocking back and forward in a rocking chair and call to her mother. The Ghost in the rock turning around with a lantern in hand. When my mother seen it wasn’t her mother eek! Dive up the covers and didn’t get up until her mother came and got her. She said the old farm was very haunt and things always happen there at night.

  5. RubyD

    My cousin was renting a house that had a rocking chair that rocked when no one was sitting in it or moving around the room. Needless to say…they left the rocking chair for it’s ghostly rocker to sit in. No one in their family would sit in it.

  6. RubyD

    At my mother’s 95th birthday party we all took pictures, but my niece’s camera picked up something special….two orbs that appeared in 3 photos….first on the ceiling, then lower and lower until they hovered above my mother sitting in her chair. Were they her two deceased husbands coming to see her on her birthday?

  7. Carol

    After my grandfather died, my grandmother was in their bedroom. She said she turned around and saw my grandfather watching her. She felt he was checking to make sure she was alright.

    When my uncle died, my father was sick and was unable to attend the funeral. Several days later my father said he saw my uncle walking down the hall towards him. He felt my uncle wanted to say good-bye.

  8. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    Btw wanted to say great stories. I am having fun reading them and getting a little goose bumped LoL


  9. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    Here is my story. My mom passed away October 2002. The Landlord we had was a real b**ch. When my mom passed away my sister’s and I went to the house to clean out the place and take everything we wanted. The landlord was being rude to us. When that happen the landlord starting to do crazy things like talking to herself and I swear it looked like someone kicked her in the butt because out of no where she just kept tripping. To me I think my mom did all that to her because the way she acted towards us the landlord.

    Another story. My sister had passed away in 1996. Me, my other sisters and two of our cousins was passing by this church and we saw a ghost dressed in white and it looked so much like my sister.


  10. danette

    There was a lady in white ghost story where I used to live, it was about a girl who got stood up on her prom night, she ended up gettting hit by a car on the side of the road where she was waiting. The story goes that around prom time if you’re driving by yourself on the road that she died and you look in your rearview mirror, she’ll be in the back seat and make you loose control while driving and cause you to crash.

  11. RobynL

    There is a farmstead near to where I grew up and it is said that a ghost lives there. One night my cousin and our boyfriends went there and parked in the lane by a locked gate and watched and told spooky stories. We never saw anything but were scared after the story telling.

  12. Little Lamb Lost

    We have kids and have been given nice toys or outfits that friends’ children have outgrown…sometimes these items had been given to them from their friends. We do the same, passing on the things that another family might use.

    When we were about to move, we did an awful lot of sorting of things and gave a friend a couple of bags of toys. The next day, she asked if I had ever known a slim long haired girl who might have died several years ago. I questioned her on why she was asking. It seems that while she had walked down the road with the bags the previous night to get home, she was surprised at how terribly heavy they were. The items all put together should have been considerably lighter. When she went to sleep she dreamed that the room had dropped quite a bit in temperature and a sad young girl came to her, wandered around her room not saying much, and then after exploring, left. The next morning she took the toys to an orphanage (which was the reason she had accepted the toys in the first place). They were far lighter than the night before. I had to admit I didn’t recognize the child she had described. She never visited my friend again.

  13. Kim

    My husband was putting new stairs on the house and every step he put on a blue jay would land on it and look like he was checking it over then fly away. We bought my grandfathers house and every time Dave did something when he was alive he would check it over so I swear that blue Jay was my grandfather checking over Dave’s work. We got the thought at the same time when the bird landed the second time.

  14. Lois

    I don’t have anything here personally, but my Mom and others in the hospital she worked at thought there was a ghost. . . but other than that I just know there is some story of the Jersey Devil, which I never heard of until I saw the X-Files episode of the same name. LOL


  15. Jenyfer Matthews

    I don’t have a story to share, but I’m getting goosebumps reading these!!

  16. Pamk

    this is only know ghost story that is near where I live. And it is located in the Chickamauga GA battlefield. Thousands of folks have claimed to have seen greeneyes over the years. Battlefields are always but
    Chickamauga seems to be even more haunted than most. The most famous ghost to haunt the battlefield is known as “Old Green Eyes.” Many people have claimed to have seen it, usually (but not always) on Snodgrass Hill. Most describe it as being a large creature with fanglike teeth, a hairy body, and burning, green eyes. This creature is said to walk on it two legs, and perhaps wear a cloak.

  17. Crystal B.

    My best friend and I lived in an old trailer and every day a picture of my nephew would be turned facing down on the dresser and I couldn’t figure out why. One morning I was laying in bed and opened my eyes and saw a little boy standing beside the bed. He didn’t look scary. He just looked sad. After that, a child-like drawing appeared on the wall in my best friend’s bedroom. We never got scared of the little boy because he didn’t do anything bad to us. I always wondered what his story was and felt sad for him.

  18. Crystal G

    For 30 years we shared a house with the spirit of a lady that was a previous owner. We could smell her perfume, see doors open and close and walk through cold spots. She liked my mother’s jewelry. When mom will get ready and would to get a certain pair of earrings. They wouldn’t be there. She would say, Mrs. Name, I need the (blah) earrings please, I’m going to the bathroom to continue to get ready. When she would come back to the her bedroom the earrings would be on the top of dresser. She would lay her necklace out straight on the dresser every night. Every morning it would be positioned as if someone just layed it down.

    After my father passed away we had obs in a lot of pictures. Mom will feel the bed move like someone set down on the edge.

  19. Danny

    I have my personal house ghost here. We call him Sir Simon, because he is definitely male. You are wondering why? He likes to touch my moms and me, no matter if it’s the hip, butt or shoulder. He also throw things around, opens doors and does other things. The strange thing is that he moved with us into the house because we already had him in our other home.

  20. Teresa Ryan

    OGadsden – Coosa River – In the 1950’s, several well-known citizens of Gadsden reported seeing a sea serpent while they were fishing in the Coosa River.

    Gadsden – Crestwood Cemetery – This location was formerly a plantation with a brutal history. Witnesses have caught glimpses of a slave hanging when visiting their family’s graves. They reported they could also see the men responsible for hanging him and their dogs.

    Gadsden – Gadsden Public Library – The third floor of the Gadsden Public Library is haunted by the original founder of the library.

    Gadsden – General Forrest Middle School – This middle school is supposedly haunted by General Forrest. Weird things happen in the sixth grade basement.

    Gadsden – Hinds Road – There was once a witch who lived on this road, which connects Noccalula Mountain and the Dwight Mill Village. Ghost investigators have taken pictures of orbs on the road.

    Gadsden – Linen Service – Late at night or early in the morning, you can hear people talking and doors shutting from about midnight until about 3:00AM.

    Gadsden – Mount Pisgah Cemetery – Two local ghost hunters have made pictures of orbs and numerous light strands during a recent investigation at this old cemetery. The cemetery is located approximately eight miles down Tabor Road, across from Mount Pisgah Church.

    Gadsden – Mountain View Hospital – At night you can hear banging and see black shadows. You can also see people in the backyard of the hospital at night, but no one is there. There have also been odd things seen by some of the patients and staff.

    Gadsden – The Haunted Bridge – The Haunted Bridge is an infamous legend in the city of Gadsden. There was a couple that had a farmhouse near Gadsden. The couple got into a heated argument, in which the woman finally ran away with her baby. Feeling sorry for his family, the man of the house got on his carriage and searched for his wife. Hiding near the bridge, the woman appeared out of the bushes and scared the horses. The horses knocked both her and the baby into Black Creek, drowning both of them. Since then, a woman can be seen walking the banks of Black Creek, carriage wheels are heard, and a baby’s cry is sometimes heard. Many people have had different experiences, and one of the houses near the bridge was reported to have had an exorcism performed.

    Jacksonville – Dump Road – Dump Road is an unofficial name given to a section of the old Chief Ladiga Indian trail, located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. The modern name, “Dump Road” was given because of the trash dumped illegally up on the mountain by local people. This trail was traveled on by early settlers in the 1800’s. The road is above the unmarked neighborhood called, “Brownwood Estates”. Originally, a paved section was completed going up the hill to the old road. It was supposed to be an expansion of the subdivision but was never completed in the 1980’s. It hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s rumored that the contractor responsible for developing the neighborhood had a bad experience on the old road, and never completed the subdivision. There are power poles set, but no lines. Since then, it is frequented by teens looking to park at night, camp, or for off-road vehicles. Many sightin gs during the day and night have included horses and wagons making their way along the old trail. Some people have claimed to see what appeared to be a black slave hanging from a tree above a clay embankment on the road, which is now used illegally as a shooting range. In the late 1980’s, a couple that lived in the neighborhood below hiked into the mountain and discovered what was later found to be an old slave house near where a plantation burned in the early 1900’s. Some reports from campers have claimed that while sleeping at night, they suddenly felt a very heavy presence and were woken by blood curdling screams in the forest. More reports suggest the sounds of screams and horses hurrying down the trail with an angry mob. Also reported are sightings of torches and lanterns bouncing around on the trail. It is believed that this is the event leading to the slave being hung. Residents in the neighborhood nearby have reported seeing a man walking up and down the street at ni ght, disappearing into the woods leading to the mountain.

    Jacksonville – Jacksonville State University – Weatherly Hall – There have been reported instances of footsteps, message boards being torn off doors and flung down the hall, moving furniture in locked rooms, and something playing with people’s clocks. To Think I stayed in this Dorm when I first went to Jacksonville State.
    ther ghost stories in my area.

  21. Teresa Ryan

    Harrisons Graveyard in Kinston, Alabama

    By Cil
    Date: 2007-05-16
    Country: United States
    State: Alabama
    Category: Haunted Places

    One night, my uncle took me, my sister, my brother, my cousin, and my other uncle to an old church graveyard on a long skinny dirt road way back in the woods. There, I witnessed things that I will never forget. I was only 6 or 7 and it was a full moon, you could see everything real good on the dirt road. We arrived at the old church and graveyard between 12 and 1 am. My uncle told us the story that if you touched all 4 corners of Grady Harrison’s grave, he would come out and give you his fiddle. My sister and cousin were a lot older than me and a lot braver, they decided to get out of the van and touch the 4 corners of his grave right when they got to the grave, the clouds covered the moon just like in the movies and we heard something calling all of our names.

    We started to see orbs pop up and moving in the woods in all kinds of directions, we called for the girls to come back to the van but they didn’t hear us, when I looked up I saw Grady Harrison right at them, it was like a white shadow or fog but real detailed, he was playing his fiddle and dancing a jig, finally they saw the ghost and ran back to the van.

    But this story isn’t over yet, the van wouldn’t start, not only that, but at the old church, there was an old walking cane hanging out the window at least 5 eeft and turning all different ways, and the orbs started getting closer, and making strange noises. Finally the van started, it was a brand new van, and we are heading out of the graveyard.

    All the kids are in the back of the van made crosses with of close pens, we looked out the window and there is a DEMON, yes I said demon, it had four legs a black body, a black and red face with a fire mane kind of like a lions mane, and fire eyes, it was running right beside the van. I looked right at it, and I felt something that literally made me sick. Once we made it to the paved road, it was gone.

    I have seen ghost before, we visited all 13 alabama ghost but I never went looking for them after that. I believe in God but after witnessing what I did on that night, I also believe in the devil and all the bad things he produces.

    So if you are ever around Opp, Alabama, just on the other side is Kinston, if you want to believe yourself just go visit Harrison’s graveyard on a full moon night but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  22. Teresa Ryan

    Never Mind Them Watermelons
    retold by

    S. E. Schlosser

    Well now, old Sam Gibb, he didn’t believe in ghosts. Not one bit. Everyone in town knew the old log cabin back in the woods was haunted, but Sam Gibb just laughed whenever folks talked about it. Finally, the blacksmith dared Sam Gibb to spend the night in the haunted log cabin. If he stayed there until dawn, the blacksmith would buy him a whole cartload of watermelons. Sam was delighted. Watermelon was Sam’s absolute favorite fruit. He accepted the dare at once, packed some matches and his pipe, and went right over to the log cabin to spend the night.

    Sam went into the old log cabin, started a fire, lit his pipe, and settled into a rickety old chair with yesterday’s newspaper. As he was reading, he heard a creaking sound. Looking up, he saw that a gnarled little creature with glowing red eyes had taken the seat beside him. It had a long, forked tail, two horns on its head, claws at the ends of its hands, and sharp teeth that poked right through its large lips.

    “There ain’t nobody here tonight except you and me,” the creature said to old Sam Gibb. It had a voice like the hiss of flames. Sam’s heart nearly stopped with fright. He leapt to his feet.

    “There ain’t going to be nobody here but you in a minute,” Sam Gibb told the gnarled creature. He leapt straight for the nearest exit – which happened to be the window – and hi-tailed it down the lane lickety-split. He ran so fast he overtook two rabbits being chased by a coyote. But it wasn’t long before he heard the pounding of little hooves, and the gnarled creature with the red eyes caught up with him.

    “You’re making pretty good speed for an old man,” said the creature to old Sam Gibb.

    “Oh, I can run much faster than this,” Sam Gibb told it. He took off like a bolt of lightning, leaving the gnarled creature in the dust. As he ran passed the smithy, the blacksmith came flying out of the forge to see what was wrong.

    “Never mind about them watermelons,” Sam Gibb shouted to the blacksmith without breaking his stride.

    Old Sam Gibb ran all the way home and hid under his bed for the rest of the night. After that, he was a firm believer in ghosts and spooks, and he refused to go anywhere near the old cabin in the woods.

  23. Lis

    There’s one that happened to my grandparents about 60 years ago in Germany. It was the middle of the day and they were out walking along the side of the country road and in the distance they could see a woman approaching with a kerchief over her head and her head bowed. They thought that was kind of strange since it was such a nice day out. They keep walking and they pass each other as they’re going over the bridge. My grandpa says hello and the woman looks up, but she has no face. There’s nothing under the kercheif. They’re pretty shaken and keep walking across the bridge where come to another couple up ahead walking, who stopped to ask my grandparents if they saw the woman. They turned back to see her nowhere in sight. There was nowhere for her to hide because it was an open area. I think my grandpa even went down the bank by the bridge to see if she’d gone down there.
    That story always gives me goosebumps!

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