Time Travel... The Ultimate Fantasy


A powerful gust of wind sparked Marissa from her trance, and she broke into a terrified run for the farmhouse.  The stars were fading in the evening sky and it almost seemed as though the sun were rising back out of the west.  Impossible! Ghostlike figures continued to eddy on the wind around her, and another gust threatened to steal the very breath from her lungs. An intense flash of light lit the sky, and the blanket of stars shattered into a thousand glittering orbs of spectral light. 

Marissa felt a scream building inside, but an even more horrifying sensation of paralysis swept over her, blocking it in her throat. She was unable to move, cry, or scream. In desperation, she fought to tear herself from the hellish chaos of the weird half-night, half-day she found herself in. An intense light flooded the world around her, and the ghostly wraiths bent and twisted. The sights, sounds, and smells of the night merged in a stunning collage of sensation and color. The wraithlike figures grew even more distorted, altering her perception of everything around her. The earth, the grass, even the farmhouse changed before her very eyes. Then all at once, she felt solid ground under her feet, and she could move again, running toward the house…in terror. 

For many readers—myself included—romantic fiction is the ultimate reading escape.  Tales of love and devotion complete with a happy ending provide the perfect way to decompress after a long day at work or to simply take a break from everyday life.  This excerpt, from my debut novel Without Regret My Love, depicts a modern day ER nurse swept back to the civil war’s Confederate south.  Time travel stories give us an extra element of escape because who among us hasn’t wished to see the past, future or even longed for a fresh start?

So what inspired me to write this particular time travel?  This particular story came about as a combination of my career as a registered nurse and interest in history.  While researching medicine in the American Civil War for a presentation I was horrified by the common beliefs and practices of the time.  But it got me to thinking…  How would someone with today’s knowledge of medicine respond in an 1863 field hospital?  The idea evolved into a sweeping romance, giving me the opportunity to experience my ultimate time travel fantasy through the eyes of my heroine.   

Jilted by her fiancé, Marissa is done with men until fate steps in and she finds that Craig Langston may be more man than she can resist.

Marissa is a high energy independent career woman of the 21st century who finds herself on a collision course with destiny when she is thrown 144 years into the past. Confederate Officer Dr. Craig Langston is an enticing man that any woman would long to fall in love with, and now Marissa is torn between rampant desire, for the man ignites her very soul, and a longing to return home.

Can she find it within herself to embrace a new life in the arms of her Confederate officer or will more sinister forces intervene before she can discover what may be the greatest love of all time?

 Now it’s your turn.  If provided the opportunity when and where would you time travel? 

The old west?  Regency England?  Medieval Scotland?

The sky is the limit…  Or, since we’re speaking of time travel, perhaps beyond.

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Melissa Blue 

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28 Responses to Time Travel… The Ultimate Fantasy

  1. Felicia D. Henegar

    Do you mind if I use you and this post as a source on my thesis? I will properly cite you.

  2. Quilt Lady

    I love a good time travel book.

  3. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Melissa, This book just speaks to the fantasy within me. It is one of the first books that will be loaded onto my new e-book reader come Christmas. I have started to read it, and it just draws me in, but life keeps tugging me away. NO FAIR.

    As for where would I go… the future… I can’t live without my electronic toys or my e-books!

  4. Melissa Blue


    I love the cover too. The artist, Amanda Kelsey, is amazing. Not many can capture the Civil War setting and romance as well as she did.

    Spain would be incredible! Back then… today… gorgeous. Someday we’ll go.


  5. Tina Donahue


    I really, really like your cover and the story sounds luscious.

    If I had a chance to time travel, I’d love to go to Spain – hey, I’d love to go there now, if I had the dough. 🙂

    Thanks for writing a novel that can really take you away!

  6. Melissa Blue


    China or India would be incredible! When I was little I watched the movie (and later read the book) “A little Princess” over and over again. Not exactly ancient India, but India nonetheless.


  7. Melissa Blue


    You’re childhood fantasies sound a lot like mine. Of course mine had a lot to do with pirates and knights in shining armor… sigh… It’s no wonder we write romance now!


  8. Lisa G

    Hello Melissa,
    Thank you for bringing back Time Travel. I think it has gotten lost in the world of paranormal. I would like to see travel to ancient China, India or somewhere exotic!

  9. Julie Eberhart Painter

    Time travel is a real adventure. I fell in love with it when Diana Gabalden came out with The Outlander, and of course Jamie who was the love of her life. (She later divorced.)

    My own aspiration as a kid was to be in a tower like Rapunzel and have those long blond braids to lure my most daring prince to my windowsill — and beyond. Yeah, I was a little ahead of myself…


  10. Melissa Blue


    I had a great time researching the story and the presentation. The Civil War has always been a point of interest for me, and writing this story was extremely fun. A bunch of the nurses I work with have read it, and got a kick out of the idea too.


  11. Pam S

    Hi Melissa,

    This sounds like such a wonderful read. It is interesting how you came about the premise for the story and I bet you found out all sorts of fascinating facts when researching!

  12. Melissa Blue


    The Italain Renassance… That’s a good one! I’d never thought of that… Very good.


  13. Melissa Blue

    And, Candace happens to write fabulous western romances herself 🙂

    I am all for your romantic fantasy of no outhouse worries just lots and LOTS of HOT cowboys 🙂


  14. Candace

    I’d have to agree with Stacey – the old West has always fascinated me. Sure you couldn’t bathe every day and had to use the outhouse even in winter, but in my romantic fantasy none of that would be an issue – there would only be lots and lots of hot cowboys and fast horses!

    Without Regret My Love promises to be a fantastic book! I can’t wait to read it!

  15. Melissa Blue

    Judy didn’t just read the story, she edited it!

    That is a great time travel dream Judy.

  16. Judy Griffith Gill

    Believe me, folks, I have read Without Regret My Love, and I, well, loved it! As for Melissa’s question, I’d like to go 500 years into Earth’s future. Or, if going back, I’d like to see the entire coast of British Columbia, Washington, & Oregon before the white man came.

  17. Melissa Blue

    Hello, Bethany! Always great to see you.

    Ireland… Scotland… You and me both! Sounds like we share some of the same roots. My husband still owes me a trip to Scotland to visit the castles… I don’t plan to let him forget.


  18. Bethany Cagle

    Popping over to say hi, Melissa!

    I’d love to travel back in time to Scotland or Ireland and meet my ancestors in person, or maybe fuedal Japan. Great post!

  19. Melissa Blue

    Thanks, Phyllis, glad to know I have a fan out there somewhere, lol!


  20. Phyllis

    Melissa, I’m your biggest fan! I love this story! You have made me love time-travel more, too. Great blog!


  21. Melissa Blue


    When I was a kid all I wanted was to see the dinosaurs! And the mummies before they were mummies, lol!

    Hopefully Without Reret is as good as Invisible. That was a great read.


  22. Tami W.

    I would want to be back in the Italian Renaissance where the movie Ever After was set. I would love to be a fair maiden living in one of those drafty castles and swept off my feet by a brute of a man! (both literally and figuratively!)

  23. Melissa Blue


    You are abasolutely right who wants to give up modern medicine, cars, and tv!

    I too would like to visit Regency England


  24. Kimber Chin

    If my safety was guaranteed,
    I’d love to see the dinosaurs.
    But if it wasn’t,
    well, I’d likely get eaten.
    That would take all the fun out of it.

    Without Regret My Love sounds AWESOME!
    I haven’t read it… yet
    but hope to soon!

  25. Cindy K. Green

    Hey Melissa,
    The book sounds so good!

    There are so many time periods I’d love to time travel to…Regency England would definitely be at the top of the list. Of course I wouldn’t want to give up so much to live there permanently but a visit would be nice.

  26. Melissa Blue

    Hey Stacey,

    Great example! I’d love to see the old west too and I see we’re peas in a pod writing them to gain the experience.


  27. Stacey Coverstone

    Time travel stories are a wonderful escape. I’d like to time travel to the Old West. In fact, I did! My heroine in “Delaney’s Crossing” steps back in time to Arizona Territory after having one really bad day. Through writing her story, I experienced what it might be like to travel to another place and time. Keep writing those great stories!

  28. Melissa Blue

    Good morning! It occured to me after I logged onto the computer this morning that 8:00 am may have meant 8:00 eastern standard time as opposed to my person mountain time. Ooops, but oh, well. Time to get started!

    And thanks to Romance Junkies for having me today!

    Melissa Blue

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