To all vampires’ lovers, lick some sexy fangs and make a wish.

‘My Sun Your Shadow’ by Suzannah Safi


 A Dark Fantasy, Thriller Romance “Vampire” short story available from eXtasyBooks.

Did you ever wake up in a dark room not knowing where you are and how you got there? Probably not, but in ‘My Sun Your shadow’ you will live in a world of dark fantasy full of danger and the unknown. Would you sell your soul to the devil, a vampire, or unusual phantom? Maybe, maybe not. Cat had to make a decision. Dwell in her world and live her life for few hours and make the decision as well: Will Cat and you make a good choice at the end?

Some things are not always as they appear. In this story, I wanted you to know that it’s okay to be scared of making a choice. But be open for possibilities, maybe the other side is brighter.

My Sun Your Shadow: Wouldn’t it be beautiful to be the light of someone? But then again if there is no light you wouldn’t be able to see the shadows, would you?

My advice: Weigh the possibilities, make a choice, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  

That’s my opinion. But my question to you: If you were kidnapped by a vampire would you turn into one? No, yes? If you agree to turn into one, why is the question?  

Here is the blurb for ‘My Sun Your Shadow’ and an excerpt; I hope you’ll enjoy it: [youtube][/youtube]


Cat Mckibben wakes up one night to find herself chained to a bed at the will of a mysterious dark stranger. Yet his allure is more than she can handle as he entices her to follow him down a path of self-revelation and self-indulgence. When given to her fantasies, Cat finds the stranger more powerful than she imagined…and his identity is revealed as Dracula. Set out to take a queen, Dracula informs Cat that her secret heritage makes her the predestined queen. Cat faces a decision–to stay with Dracula and enjoy a vampire’s life teeming with sensual bliss, or the alternative fate that awaits her when she wakes up once again in her former nightmarish reality…

Excerpt: Cat’s eyes snapped open when a whooshing resounded against the darkness. The faint moonlight obscured her surroundings as she searched for a sign of where she was. She lay on a king-size bed, soft and comfortable mattress underneath her, but couldn’t remember how she got here and where was here? She turned her gaze upward, her hands stretched and chained to the headboard, her legs spread and chained to the bedposts. Cat shut her eyes for a second, squeezing her memory to recall something about where would she be, but the few glimpses of who she was faded in her brain as if a solid gate bound her from getting in. How come I remember my first name, but nothing else? She wiggled her wrists and legs to free them, but it only added to the pain that shot up her arms as the metal cut into her wrists. “Owww,” she cried. The clouds outside covered the moon and caused the darkness to thicken and settle on her skin like a cloying caress. The coldness in the air made the hairs on her neck stand up. The qu
ality of gloom evidenced it wasn’t natural. From the corner of her eye, a shadow hovered above her. Her breath quickened as gooseflesh rose on her skin. Who is there? Her brain screamed.
Don’t worry, little one. You are safe in my kingdom. The whispery voice caused shivers to course down her spine—shivers not only stirred by fear, but confusion. The husky male pitch built waves of heat that pooled straight into her stomach and her limbs went numb. Her heart pulsated in her chest and sweat gathered from every pore on her skin. She couldn’t see where the shadow went. Maybe he hid in the shelter of the blackness. The clouds uncovered the moon and the silver light slipped through the blinds of the open window, now revealing the tall dark figure that stood beside the bed, legs spread. He towered over her. A cool breeze ruffled his long, dark hair as he stood facing her. His face hid in the shadow, but the meager light silhouetted his broad shoulders. He wore a long dark cloak, the soft breeze tugged at the ends of his cloak as he stood still, watching her. Shades of scattered clouds swam on the wall and hid the shine of the moon for a second. The room filled with darkness, then the clouds sailed away, allowing the moonlight to shimmer through the curtains again. She blinked back the moonbeam that penetrated her vision. When her haze of confusion lifted, the tall man was gone. She breathed deep. Where was she? And what was this place? Safe, you are safe with me. His voice was as soothing as if planted in her head. Ice-cold blood ran through her veins. The covers were suddenly snatched off her body. She hadn’t realized that she was naked until the cool air swept over her flesh. The easterly drift tugged at the ends of his dark cloak as he strode toward the end of the bed. The sharp crackle of fabric swirled around him with each gust from the breeze. She trembled as his warm fingers slid over her calves. She gazed down and with the faint light from the moon, sought the place he touched, but nothing was there except the press of his fingers on her naked skin. Her body grew hotter as his phantom fingers trailed on her skin and reached her left thigh, then penetrated that hallow soft skin between her …Would you like to read the rest of the first chapter, please visit my blog at            Author’s website: Publisher website

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  1. Suzannah

    Thank you, Pam! And you are an awesome reader. Happy that you enjoyed it.

  2. Pam S

    Really enjoyed the blurb and excerpt Suzannah! It sounds like an awesome read.

  3. Suzannah

    Thank you Joanne! I would love to know your opinion when you read it.

  4. Suzannah

    Oh Valerie, thank you! I hope you enjoy reading ‘My Sun Your Shadow’.

  5. Suzannah

    Shobhan thank you sooooo much for the great wish!

  6. JoanneR

    This book sounds so hot! Putting it on my TBR list!

  7. Valerie

    Looks like a really fab read!! Putting it on my wishlist!!!

    in Germany

  8. Shobhan Bantwal

    Sounds like a great read, Suzannah! Lots of sizzle for the summer season. Wishing you lots of luck with it.


  9. Suzannah

    Thank you, Lindy!

  10. Lindy

    Sounds very hot! 🙂

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