Unlock the Secrets of Love in the Outback by Romona Hilliger

ROMONA HILLIGER  Author of Romantic Suspense, set in the untamed regions of Australia’s Northern Territory.  ——————– 

Hello to everyone First off, a little about, Romona At this point in time, I live in the southern states of Australia. We have all four seasons here and right now, it’s Spring.  In the Northern Territory of Australia, which is my home, there are only two seasons known as The Dry and The Wet.   

From a schoolteacher to a payroll manager, for one of Australia’s largest retail companies was a dramatic career-path change for me and which I enjoyed, until, another came along–Writing. So, how did that come about?

No. I haven’t been writing since I was six, or anything wonderful like that. My husband and I criss-cross the Outback of Australia, both with his work and on holidays.  Discovering the magnificence of wind-crafted outcrops of granite and sandstone, vast ochre plains stretching to eternity and the bush teeming with wildlife uniquely Australian, our interest escalated. We extended our trips into gold and gemstone-fossicking adventures and retracing tracks of explorers.  

The notes I kept translated into a series of travel articles for a magazine until, I realised what better backdrop than this sun-drenched wilderness for conjuring up stories of unique blend–love up against impossible odds. I undertook studies in creative writing, specialising in Romance, and set to work. Writing fulfils my most cherished dream, to breathe life, love, and emotion into the people in my imagination, mostly, derived from the men and women who dare to live out in the ‘never never’.

OTHER INTERESTS (Shared by my husband as well). Animal welfare. Both domestic and wildlife. I am a member of THE WILDLIFE WARRIORS. A STEVE IRWIN PROJECT 

A SHADOW FROM HIS PAST                  

contemporary  v. sensual 

Life hadn’t been easy for Brad Steele and he’d been forced to live on the edge until he was eighteen. Now twelve years on, a reclusive naturalist and wildlife photographer, Brad carves out a place in the raw rugged regions of Australia’s Northern Territory, helping to relocate marauding crocodiles and taking care of injured wildlife.

An injured bird brings Jodie Marshall into contact with Brad. His dark sensual good looks are the ultimate in a woman’s fantasy but any hopes the young English heiress, might have of touching the heart of the aloof hostile wildlife warrior are bleak indeed, until the night circumstance throws them together and into the firestorms of love and passion.

But Brad has a secret buried deep in his soul that forbids his loving her…The power of their love survives heartbreak, a jail sentence and poison pens but can it survive their worst nightmare — its evil meticulously crafted and now a reality?

Available  ROMANCE AT HEART PUBLICATIONS   http://www.rahpubs.com  Complimentary first chapter. 


Author Website   http://www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona

Come, Love me Again   
contemporary  v. sensual 

He snared her wrist in one powerful fist and pulled her to him.  Hunter Kincaid, the tall, striking, Australian cattle king still remembers, only too well, the girl who’d betrayed him in their youth, and he hates himself for still loving her…   “What do you want? Haven’t you done enough?” he hissed. Raw, untamed desires flaming through him and driven by naked longing, he’s but a step from taking her. “Don’t you know what I can do to you? What I want to do to you?” Torn by twelve years of remorse, the lovely young Becky, quivers at the very touch of him. She has returned from America and must tell him the truth — why she’d been forced to betray him. But the scars of betrayal burn deep in his soul and sex isn’t sufficient to expiate that pain – Hunter wants her to pay for past wounds. Let her suffer as he had. Her pain for his pain, her tears for his. 




Come, Love Me Again is one of the most emotionally packed stories I’ve read in a while. The exchanges between Rebecca and Hunter are powerful and sometimes gut wrenching. Their emotions are so raw and open that it is impossible not to feel them. Ms. Hilliger has portrayed the setting for this story in vivid detail, also. It fairly leaps off the page, and the cattle stations and the surrounding countryside are so vividly described that I could see everything in my mind. I felt like I stepped off the plane with the heroine and experienced everything she did. I was moved to tears by some of Hunter’s harshness toward her, especially when she tries to explain why she left him. This is a realistic story, and I enjoyed it very much.Reviewed by: Marlene    http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2007/July/Marlene-ComeLoveMeAgain.htm

Read excerpts  Author Website  www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona  


Contemporary  v.sensual

Dangerously sexy and his eyes full of sinful promise, Jamie, the leather-clad, tattooed young biker is fascinated by his evening-class student—the sophisticated and elegant career-woman.  

Amy, in search of a little diversion, has taken up the study of Creative Writing little expecting her teacher to be a woman’s ultimate fantasy. But now, Amy faces the challenge of her life—what they have between them is too hot for mere friendship, colliding with the knowledge that she is seven years his senior and entangled in a long-soured marriage to boot.  

Would surrender to the intoxication of one night of passion in a younger man’s arms be enough? Or would it unleash what she didn’t dare hope for – LOVE.

 Available at  Champagne Books   



Read excerpts  at Author Website www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona   

TAKE A LOOK AT  PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF OUTBACK PLACES WHERE MY  STORIES ARE SET also  MYTHS  AND LEGENDS MYTH.   THE MIN MIN LIGHS. Mysterious phenomena of dancing globes of light on the plains of Outback
Queensland. Nobody has yet figured them out.
LEGEND.  Lassiter’s gold. Gold nuggets and rubies as big as walnuts. Lassiter brought back a nugget, but the seam where it was found has not yet been located again. Expeditions still go out in search of it.

Central Australia. TheMacDonnell Ranges. JUNDAMARRA’S CAVE.   Hiding place of INDIGENOUS LEGENDARY WARRIOR of the Bunaba people.  A man who fought the British police in defence of his people.  Kimberley region of North-West Australia.    
A good ‘bush tucker’ recipe for that camping occasion and roaring campfire.  DAMPER  Recipe of an authentic Northern Territory bushman. My husband Bill. Enjoyed by us both on many an occasion with a good cup of ‘billie’ tea. For one loaf. Required.  Cast-iron camp oven. 

Plain flour 3 cups.

Margarine 2 tablespoons

Baking powder one tablespoon

Salt  ¼ teaspoon

Milk 1/3 cup

Water ½ cup.

Grated cheese, if you want to add it. 

In a mixing bowl rub margarine with flour, salt, and baking powder.Add milk and water and form dough.  Shape to a round, dust lightly with flour and place in cast-iron camp oven. Fire should be hot cinders, into which oven is placed, covering top of oven with more hot cinders and ash.  Leave to bake. Lift lid and check after twenty minutes. As damper bakes, keep your ‘billie’ boiling at one side of fire. When damper is ready, turn out of oven, cut into wedges and drizzle liberally with golden syrup. Eat it hot with your cup of ‘billie’ tea. 

Many thanks to Romance Junkies 

Romona Hilliger 

Author website  www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona  

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  1. romona hilliger

    Hello #4 Caffey

    Your day is my night, so I do hope my response is not overly late. Thank you very much for your comments about The Emerald Peacock and Hunting with the wolf.

    I don’t have a newsletter list but I make regular entries ref my books at a number of chat groups. I’ll be doing the same at Romance Junkies. But it’s a good thought, and I might get a newsletter going.

    Steve Irwin is a man who will not be forgotten easily. His good work
    continues here and all over the world.

    Kind regards


  2. Caffey

    Hi Romona!!! A couple of months ago or so, I got your book, LURE OF THE EMERALD PEACOCK. Loved the blurb and excerpt and had to read more! I have on my list to get HUNTING WITH THE WOLF. I hope its re-released soon! Do you have a newsletter list so that when your releases out, readers could get a newsletter?

    Thats beautiful that Wildlife Warriors are continuing what Steve Irwin was doing. I had watched his show with my children for many years and I know I learned so much from watching that too.

  3. romona hilliger

    Thank you Carol

    The Wildlife Warriors continue the good work that Steve Irwin set in motion when he was alive. Great areas of bush have been purchased by the Wildlife Warriors World Wide movement. Animals are protected in their own habitat.

    I hope you do enjoy the books.



  4. Carol

    Opps, I hit the subit key to soon. I started to say that I love romantic suspense. Books set in Australia would be something different for me. I’m looking forward to reading them.
    I enjoyed your interview. I, too, care about animal welfare. I don’t know anything about THE WILDLIFE WARRIORS but I’m sure they do a lot of good things.

  5. Carol

    Romantic Suspense

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