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Happy Wednesday Romance Junkies. It looks as though another month of 2008 has come to an end. Slowly we creep toward Summer. When the temperatures rise and I find that I read more and more. IMO there’s nothing better than the lazy days of Summer where life slows down some and I can sit by the pool and read.

Joining us today is Angela Caperton and I mentioned Summer reading beacuse it’s the time of the year that I get the chance to discover and enjoy authors who are new to me. Angela falls into this catagorey for me so I’m glad she’s joining us to day and sharing her thoughts and her novel WOMAN OF THE MOUNTAIN. So Sit back enjoy and see if you can add one more TBR author to your Summer reading list as well.

Born in Virginia and later raised on a sailboat, Angela Caperton has traveled extensively and has grown up to appreciate the world in all its forms.  Always looking for the next adventure, she continues to travel as fate permits and writes fantasy and erotica to keep her wanderlust in check.  Currently she has three works available, Inspiration, an erotic novella set in Renaissance Florence, her erotic fantasy and 2008 EPPIE Winner, Woman of the Mountain, and her erotic fairy tale, The Passions of Pearl.

Womanof the Mountain by Angela Caperton

 The fate of Corsinium depends upon Adita’s passion.
Within her mountain temple, Adita, High Priestess of the goddess Zenthe, presides over orgiastic rites of love and desire…
Only the most brave suitors dare approach her, for failure to please the High Priestess can only end in tragedy.  As land and people suffer from droughts, floods and war, Adita must find the a way to lift Zenthe’s sorrow, even if it means sacrificing her own desires to serve her beloved goddess, and all Corsinium.
Casmin’s destiny had always been to serve Zenthe.  Now as Captain of the temple guard, Casmin must balance his forbidden love for Adita, the deadly allure of the First Priestess and the growing threat of the rival god Kahmudj.
When all the forces of deity and love converge, it takes all Adita’s will, Casmin’s strength, and an erotic rite powerful enough to shake creation itself to spare Corsinium a cataclysmic end…


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