Welcome Guest Blogger Annette Blair!!!!

Today is an exciting one for our guest today. Her second book in her newest trilogy releases today, so without further ado please give Annette Blair a  warm Romance Junkies Welcome!! And Make sure you enter to win a copy of SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH all you have to do is comment, see the end of this blog for details.

 Gone With the Witch Annette Blair


There’s a Storm on the way in GONE WITH THE WITCH, May 6, 2008

“Psychic witches with attitude SPELL identical-triplet trouble in spikes!”  In a nutshell this is the story of my Triplet Witch Trilogy: 

  1. SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH, Harmony’s story, in stores now.

  2. GONE WITH THE WITCH, Storm’s story, due in stores TODAY!

  3. NEVER BEEN WITCHED, coming in February, 2009.

But Today’s blog is about Storm, the Goth rebel with attitude.  Storm Cartwright grew up knowing she was the straw that broke the camel’s back, that it was her arrival that sent their mother running from the hospital before their father ever came to pick them up.  

Each of the triplets has a psychic gift. Harmony sees the past. Destiny sees the future, but Storm sees the present. What good is that? Everybody sees the present, don’t they? 

Storm thinks so until Aiden McCloud arrives on the scene: 

In his presence she hears a baby crying. Abducting him is the only way to follow the sound and find the child. Her scheme includes his luxury motor coach, seduction . . . and four pairs of fuzzy purple handcuffs. 

Neither Aiden nor Storm knows who they really are and it takes a wacky road trip and discoveries of all sorts, including secrets, secrets, secrets, for Storm to spot the real Aiden inside the hermit wanderer, and for Aiden to peel away Storm’s tough outer layers to find the jewel hidden deep inside.   

I had a blast writing their story.  I fell in love with all of them. GONE WITH THE WITCH is like nothing I’ve ever written, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.  

So don’t forget: handcuffs and secrets, psychics and sex, the sound of crying babies, dragons and tabloids . . . a bad boy and a bad girl, and all the trouble they can get into.  

GONE WITH THE WITCH . . . on sale TODAY.  

ps: It’s already hit some bestseller lists! 

Click below for:

An excerpt!  

The Story of the story

“OMG, what a fantastically fun story! GONE WITH THE WITCH has it all; sensuously personable characters, breath-taking romance and a story line that is amusing and totally unique. Talented Annette Blair continues her triplet witch books with Storm’s story, my favorite of the triplets. GONE WITH THE WITCH, don’t you love that title, is a stand alone book but I bet you won’t be able to resist buying just this one book by Annette Blair; she is addictive!  Sultry.” Sensual & Erotic Ecataromance 

“A spellbinding story that totally knocked my socks off! Once again I find myself in awe over the author’s ability to make the characters so memorable…will leave you with a big smile on your face. Author Annette Blair writes priceless romance adventures.” Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews 

“GONE WITH THE WITCH is sensual, close to being erotic…a touching emotional tale. I’ve read all the ‘witchy’ tales from Ms. Blair…I recommend them all for your reading pleasure.” Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today 

“Great fun! Wonderful characters, a riveting storyline and a sensuous undercurrent…phenomenal… Storm is a hoot! She had me rolling in laughter through the entire story. She’s wild and carefree while Aiden has his own surefire beliefs about everything. The romance that blooms between these two…will have reader’s hearts melting. The adventure Aiden and Storm embark on to find this crying baby will have you riveted to the pages… Annette Blair always has fun with her witch characters…very evident in this story. If you’ve never read her before, please do! I guarantee you’ll be a die-hard fan in no time.” ~Amanda Haffery, Romance Junkies 

“Annette Blair’s second contribution to her Triplet trilogy should come with oven mitts as it is hot, hot, hot. The ending is just wonderful, with fantastic characters and a strong narrative. If the reader likes her romantic comedies just shy of being classified as erotica, this is definitely the book for you!  Believe me when I say, this is one road trip you do not want to miss!” Betty Cox, Reader to Reader 

“An emotionally charged story…GONE WITH THE WITCH starts out as somewhat light, bawdy, entertaining fun, which is what I thoroughly enjoy in all of Ms. Blair’s books. She can be hysterically outrageous, and I can count on several laugh-out-loud moments. This story tugged at the heart as I was drawn into a tale of two people who’ve lived on the surface of life, afraid to seek greater depth to their existence for fear of being hurt yet again. Storm and Aiden are made for one another, and their discovery of this fact makes a truly satisfying story. This book is a definite addition to my keeper shelf.”  Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction 

“Again there is plenty of magic and spell casting, as well as lots of hot, sexy situations. There are a number of familiar characters mentioned and some charming new ones, and both main characters develop wonderfully over the course of the story.”  Susan Mobley, Romantic Times

“Whimsical, witty, and wonderful,

Blair’s Witches are a magical bunch that are sure to enchant readers everywhere.”

~Madelyn Alt, Author of HEX MARKS THE SPOT

Order from Amazon

Order from Barnes & Noble   

Don’t forget:  First in the trilogy: SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH, available now.  

Sex and the Psychic Witch Annette Blair 

To celebrate the release today of GONE WITH THE WITCH, I’m giving away a copy of SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH to one of the people who responds to this question:  What do you like to see most in paranormal romance novels? Answer here at the blog and one lucky poster will win. GOOD LUCK!!!






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  2. Nykole

    I don’t mind translating at all 😀 It means Live well, laugh often, love much.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply! Ciao!

  3. Annette Blair





    WOO HOO!

  4. Annette Blair

    Lisa, thank you for stopping by. I’ll have to make sure the mystery have a picture of Snooker on the cover. 🙂 The unknown world; I’ll keep that in mind.

  5. Lisa

    Welcome Annette! Congratulation on your new release! First off I like to tell you how much I like your covers because you have a cat on them. I’m terrible I know but there something with a cat on a cover just want me to buy even more. So I hope you always have a cat on your. As for paranormal I like all paranormal books for the different kinds there are in paranormal vampire and shape sifter and so on. It is the mystery and unknown kind of worlds that the author bulids in that world that really draw me to those kind of story. For vampire they are immortal and live on forever. Wolf shape sifter able to become a wolf from human form. To be able to turn into a panther all sound awesome and unbelieveble that draws me into the mystery of the world. So the unknown what really makes it interesting for me in a paranormal.

  6. Annette Blair

    Hi Carla, and welcome. I’m so sorry that you were sick yesterday. We did have an awesome time.

  7. Annette Blair

    Thanks for the smiles Barbara. Great to see someone who has been reading my books since the Rogues. (Those are from an older historical series I did to anyone who doesn’t recognize the name.) You’ve nailed my M.O. Barbara. I’m very WYSIWYG. Doesn’t really matter the genre. My voice is my voice. Happy reading.

  8. Annette Blair

    Laura, the Reigning Laurali, good luck finding them. They should be at bookstores everywhere today.

  9. Annette Blair

    Hugs, Danette. Nobody in my books is going to take life too terribly seriously. There will always be humor, even in the supernaturals.

  10. Annette Blair

    Susan, thank you so much. I love humor in my stories too. And I’m so pleased to see more comments today. You’re welcome. Writing them is fun!

  11. Carla


    What a wonderful time you had here – so sorry I was sick and missed the
    whole day. *sob*

    Happy reading, everyone! Especially if you’re just being introduced to
    Annette’s books.

    Carla, Annette’s online publicist; but I loved her books long before I was
    given the pleasure of that position. : )

  12. barbara white

    Hi Annette, You are an amazing woman.I love your books, and feel like I would just about fit in!

    I loved the Rogue Books, Read everything before Gone With The Witch, fell in love with them. Got my oldest girl interested, too.

    Humor, beautiful men and babes, magic and sex.

    What could be better?

    More, please

    Thank you kindly,

    I use my powers for good. Mostly.

  13. Laura

    I am so excited about this series! I am trying to find them, wish me luck! I bet they are fantastic, and if I’m hooked, so are 2 other people by default, heheh.

    -The Reigning Laurali

  14. danette

    Hi Annette,

    I’d love to se more humor in paranormal too. Sometimes shifters take like too seriously and you like them for their manlyness but at the same time you want the sexy guy to make you laugh too.

    Hugs, Danette

  15. Susan Broehm

    I agree that humor in paranormal is important and welcome! Otherwise, for me, I get scared and creeped out! 🙂
    A contemporary setting is a must for me as well. Because if I wanted to read full-on Sci Fi, I would!
    Thanks for writing such great stuff!

  16. Annette Blair

    Nykole, thank you for stopping in. Do you mind translating the last line? 🙂

    Terry aka Terra, thank you so much for inviting me. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you to everyone who commented today. Hugs and Happy Reading!

  17. Terry Studer

    Annette, just wanted to say Thank You for being here with us today. It’s been great and I hope to be able to speak with you again in the near future.

  18. Nykole Walton

    Annette, although I have not yet had the pleasure of reading
    any of your books yet I look forward to reading yours soon.
    I love books that are transmundane the best 🙂 Anyways being
    the bibliophile I am I’m going to go to the library or book store
    this week to get one of your books.

    “Viva bene, ami molto e rida spesso”

  19. Annette Blair

    I should add, Terry, that after The Kitchen Witch, my publisher wanted more witches and I was happy to oblige. Turns out, I love writing paranormal.

  20. Annette Blair

    As I said, Terry, I was in Salem with friends. I live nearby; they live in Delaware. I wasn’t looking for a plot idea, but the idea for THE KITCHEN WITCH came to me. I never thought I’d write a contemporary, much less a paranormal, but there it was, a great idea, so I started writing. It got me an awesome literary agent and an awesome editor at a new pub house, and I became a National Bestselling author. I think it was Magic. I think if you look back at any longtime writer, you’ll see that they’ve probably written through the spectrum of genres.

  21. Terry Studer

    I’m back again Annette. Question, What made you start writing the paranormal romances while you were doing the historical? I have to say I love both but it just seems to be going from one extreme to the next doesn’t it.

  22. Annette Blair

    thank you Ann M. That’s really great to know.

  23. Ann M

    I enjoy the paranormal touching reality. I enjoy when it feels as if it “could” happen. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy paranormals that are no where near reality. I read romances (any genre) for that great story with a happy ending.

  24. Annette Blair

    Anne, thank you so much!

  25. Annette Blair

    OMG, Dawnetta, you forgot? How could you forget? ROFLOL.

  26. Annette Blair

    KatieBug, I practiced for years so don’t give up too soon. You might rob the world of a great voice.

  27. Annette Blair

    Hi Shannon, #68, I like that about them being wounded in some way in the beginning. Good point.

  28. anne

    Great to have you here today. I enjoy novels that have characters with personality, depth and a storyline that keeps you reading until the end. You seem to have that talent and wonderful ability with your great books. All thebest.

  29. Dawnetta

    Oh I can not beleive that I was out and about today and forgot to pick up a copy! I marked it down and everything…

    What do I like to see most in a paranormal romance book? I like a woman who found herself and is with a partner cause she wants to be, not because its whats she’s cornered herself into. Well that goes for men also.

  30. Katie Bug

    I am supposed to be writing right now but keep picking up a book and reading instead. I call it research. lol When the hubby gets mad about the books being delivered all the time, I tell him the same thing. I just need to stop getting good books!

    This time is my first real try at writing. If it doesn’t pan out, we can call it practice.

    Oh I love a wounded hero that needs that special woman to make him whole again. *sigh* Yup, I like those alot. lol


  31. Shannon Lemonds

    I think what I like most in all Paranormal romances are the men. At the beginning of a book you can almost always count on these anti hereos to be wounded, angry,lost and beautiful in their own ways. When I get to picture these creatures in my mindit is always the best. And it gets better when these men are really kind of sensitive, caring, loving. All in their own way. They just want to be loved. LOL… Don’t we all?

  32. Annette Blair

    Pam P, I’m glad you like to see the women right up there with the guys. Years ago, a published author told me that only one person in the story should have a goal and I disagreed. I give both my characters goals and they often butt up against each other, which I think makes things way more interesting. Your comment confirms that. Thanks on the new release. It was the 8th bestselling paranormal romance at Borders (across the country) this afternoon. 🙂

  33. Annette Blair

    Oh, Joi, thank you for the great story about not reading my books in bed. I’m thrilled that your sound found THE KITCHEN WITCH for you and that you’re both still reading them.

  34. Annette Blair

    Tiffany, you should try writing. Just don’t expect instant results. It sometimes takes years to pull it all together. It did for me.

  35. Pam P

    I love all kinds of paranormals with all their different powers and traits. Quirky characters are always fun, and I love seeing the women right up front with the guys. Annette, those upcoming series sound great, more for us to enjoy. Congrats on the new release!

  36. Joi

    I like characters that have a good dialogue, and can be quirky. Humor, to me, is the best part of it all. There are days I really need to have a good paranormal book that makes me laugh out loud. (I was told by my ex boyfriend I was NOT allowed to read them in bed at night!!) I also like those that have characters that go from one book to another, to another. It keeps the storyline more interesting to me. As for what I like to see its ghosts! Who doesn’t love a good, funny ghost?! And the best part is it was my 19 year old son that got me into reading your books! He found them first with “The Kitchen Witch” A couple of years ago! We’ve both been hooked ever since!

  37. Tiffany Norton

    Thanks for the insight! I’m currently an administrative assistant and good at what I do but I really miss being able to use my creativity. I graduated high school with academic honors and lettered in ceramics but I haven’t gone to college yet due to my lack of inspiration for a career. I love ceramics and I love reading. Although, there’s not much of a field for ceramics besides teaching and I don’t think i’m up to teaching high school students lol. I think I will try my hand at writing, and get some people to see what they think. Worse case scenario I’m no good and all is not lost.

  38. Annette Blair

    58kathleen, those funny sayings come from the characters. I don’t try to think them up, they just slip from my fingertips onto the pages, because that’s who the characters are.

  39. Annette Blair

    Yes, Tiffany it is sometimes hard to focus on another book when I’m writing, but great authors can pull me totally into their world and away from my story, which is what I really need sometimes.

    I love being an author. The creative process is a lot like building a puzzle and then trying to solve it, which isn’t easy. I’m never easy on myself and there are times when I think, “Well, this sucks.” LOL. Then there are times when I think, “Wow. I’m brilliant.” Sometimes both can happen in the same day, or hour.

    The downside of writing full time is that I miss the creativity that hovered around me at the school where I was the Development Director. 1,000 students, 11,000 graduates who I worked with, 100 faculty members, and my wonderful journalism classes. I go back, give classes. I miss all my friends there, especially after 21 years. But I wouldn’t change being a full time writer for anything.

  40. Annette Blair

    Jacqui, thank you so much. So glad you enjoy the humor in my work. Awesome that they stand out. You’ve also helped to make release day pretty damned terrific for me.

  41. Kathleen

    love your funny sayings in every book. none are the just like your characters.

  42. Tiffany Norton

    Hey Annette, I bet it’s pretty hard to focus on your own book if you start reading another. I know I get absorbed into the different worlds and sometimes really don’t want to come out of them. I’m sure with how much it looks like everyone loves your books, they wouldn’t mind too much if you took a little reading vacation. Cuz no matter what job you have and how much you love it, you still need vacations every once in awhile. If you ever want some good ideas, I have quite a few favorite authors I would gladly recommend. I pretty much only read paranormal romance and some romance novels as well. I had a lot more time for reading before I got into a bunch of authors and now I insist on rereading the series before the new books come out. Right now it’s the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, but I’ve been trying to sneak other books in and still keep ahead of my roommate lol You’ll definitely be on my list for next books.
    Maybe one of these days I’ll try writing my own book. How do you like being an author?

  43. Jacqui RIchmond

    Thats an interesting question, and honestly, one I’ve never thought about before. I would have to say the thing that keeps me coming back for more is the humor in the book.

    I read soooo many books, that sometimes they get lost in one another. I know that may sound horrible, but it’s the truth. So, for a book to stand out, it really needs to be entertaining.

    Which I must say, you do a wonderful job of 🙂

  44. Annette Blair

    Yes, Katibug, what you say makes great sense. She has to be strong but not in a way that makes the hero appear weak. That’s why their strengths have to compliment each other to the point they realize–not matter how much they’ve fought it–that they’re only whole when they’re together.

  45. Katie Bug

    I also love those alpha males that try to take over. The hero has this idea of how the heroine should be and how she should act. “I am man you are woman and do what I say.” Of course the heroine will tell him to kiss it and help instead. I don’t want her too strong because I don’t want the man to come off as weak.

    Does that make sense at all?? lol


  46. Annette Blair

    Hi Bunnyrush. I love having my own horizons expanded–I’m an adventurer at heart–so I’m thrilled that I’ve helped to expand yours. Happy Reading!

  47. Annette Blair

    Hi Cat. I’m not sure I chose to write the witch series. I think they chose me. See, I was writing historicals romances when I went to Salem with friends and I got this idea…for a story about a witch who hosted a cooking show but she didn’t know how to cook. I started the book that day. One book…or so I thought. See, they chose me. It hapened in Salem.

  48. Annette Blair

    Hi Tiffany, thank you for looking up my books. Sure hope you enjoy them. I know what you mean about time to read. I used to have more time for that, myself, before I began to write them. 🙁


    I am so glad to see someone making effort to keep those of us who aren’t ‘Romance Novel Mainstream’ pleasurably entertained! I look forward to reading Annette’s novels and THANK HER SINCERELY for expanding my horizons!!!

  50. CatJohnson

    Hey Annette– I just love witches and I am so happy you decided that you do too and chose to write the witch series!
    Don’t ever stop!
    Cat Johnson

  51. Tiffany Norton

    I definitely got to pick those up and fit them into my reading list. It sounds like something I’m definitely going to enjoy! Now there just needs to be more time for reading everyday… I wonder if I could get a job just reading books and giving my opinions… Sorry, there’s just so many books I want to read and not enough time. lol

    Congrats on the new release and I will let you know what I think after I read them. I would also like to say, it’s a definite bonus when the author has a wonderful communication with readers and likes to reach out to us.

  52. Annette Blair

    Terry, yes a new series. Two new series, as the Supernatural Employment Agency is new too. here’s my schedule for 2009:

    January, A VEILED DECEPTION, 1st Vintage Magic Mystery
    February, NEVER BEEN WITCHED, 3rd in the Triplet Witch Series
    August, BOBBINS AND BROOMSTICKS (working title), 2nd Vintage Magic Mystery
    October, TO LOVE A DRAGON, 1st in the Supernatural Employment Agency Series

  53. Annette Blair

    ThatBrunette! Hello, my friend. You reminded of more good news about the mysteries. The artist doing the triplet covers is going to do the mystery covers, too. There’ll be a vintage outfit on each one and the series logo will be a vintage high heel shoe. I’m so excited. Oh, and ghosts. The mystery has its own ghosts, like the witches do, and the supernaturals will. 🙂 I also think that all my books have gothic tones. Good writing, got it. That’s the key, isn’t it, in any story? Great to see you. Hope I see you at my NovelTalk chat on Thusday night at 9. Hope I see all of you.

  54. Terry Studer

    Annette, you’re killing me! A new series. YUMM!

    “VINTAGE MAGIC MYSTERIES, and the first book is called A VEILED DECEPTION (surrounds a vintage wedding gown). The sleuth owns a vintage dress shop and she’s psychometric so when she touches certain pieces of vintage clothing, she gets clues that help her solve the crime.”

  55. Annette Blair

    As for the mysteries, I forgot to tell you that the sleuth learns that her mother was a witch and she’s discovering that she’s inherited many of her mother’s gifts, so she’s trying to decide if she’s a witch. What do you think?

  56. Annette Blair

    Terry your daughters have beautiful names, and as for the luck, come to think of it, my daughter’s has never been that great. Last fall, a tree fell on her car in a huge parking lot full of cars. There it was crushing hers when she came out of work. that’s one a many bad luck stories. Hmm.

    Funny that your family avoids yuo during full moons. The shifter, you say? Tell us more.

  57. ThatBrunette

    It is hard to not catch your positive attitude after reading one of your blogs (or being in a chat with you).

    I was a little concerned when you said you had a different artist for the triplets series. I didn’t need to worry. I like the new artist as well as the one for the accidental witch trilogy.

    As to what I like to see…ghosts! 🙂 Actually, I have trouble answering questions like that or the ones that ask would you read a particular type of story. For me, it all comes down to the writing. Romance is not my first choice. I read mysteries and horror. Okay, I also read the occasional Gothic romance. If it is written well, almost anything is readable. I want good writing in my paranormals!

  58. Annette Blair

    36JessicaD, thanks. I’m enjoying this genre so much. I loved my straight historicals, but contemporary paranormal is the best. Even my mysteries are paranormal. Oh and I have a mystery series title as of this morning: VINTAGE MAGIC MYSTERIES, and the first book is called A VEILED DECEPTION (surrounds a vintage wedding gown). The sleuth owns a vintage dress shop and she’s psychometric so when she touches certain pieces of vintage clothing, she gets clues that help her solve the crime.

  59. Annette Blair

    Choked up, not chocked up. See I told you spelling doesn’t count.

  60. Terry Studer

    Annette my youngest daughter Athena would agree that 13 is the luckiest of numbers as that’s her b-day also. Funny thing is I think the spirits have a sense of humor as good luck seems to keep eluding her. LOL! Her sister on the other hand was born on the 26th (notice 2 x 13 = 26) and the spirits love her. I’m always telling Alicia she fell into a bucket of Rose smelling sh**! HEHE!

    As for everyone avoiding you during deadline time, *woot* my family does the same thing to me during each full moon. LOL! Must be the shifter in me.

  61. Annette Blair

    Justine, you got me all chocked up, too. There’s a lot the world could learn from the Wiccan community. I’ll never stop saying it. And as for children, I adore them. Truly. They’re gifts I enjoy every minute. I have a whole page on my website dedicated to the children in my life. And yes, I have to admit it, because the page gives me away, I’m a Nana, a very, very, very YOUNG Nana. 🙂

  62. Annette Blair

    Andi, sorry you’re not getting your book until the 13th, but think of what a lucky 13th it’ll be. That’s my very luckiest number. I got my driver’s license on the 13th. My daughter was born on a Friday the 13th. I started my wonderful job as a Development Director on May 13th 1985 and I left it to write full time on April 13th, 2006. In my 13th book, I introduced the Cartwright Triplets and look where that has got me. The 13th is good and maybe you’ll be so lucky, you’ll get it early.

    As for being someone who speaks to their readers, I love the interaction and getting to know you all. Be warrned, though, when I’m running up against deadline, I don’t even speak to the people I live with. Just ask them and they’ll grumble loudly. Day counting begins: Cell phone message: “Mom is that book done yet? I haven’t talked to you in 12 days.” Food will be left outside my office door. People might be forced to enter the sanctum, but I won’t notice them. If I do, one look from me, and they back out, hands raised. So when I go silent, just know…I’m not ignoring you. I’m pushing deadline. 🙂

  63. JessicaD

    I have loved to see the amazing stories you have created, and I am so excited to read this one. I have always been an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader, and it wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I was introduced to the wonderful world of paranormal romance novels. I love this genre, because it gives women an outlet to read not only sexy fun romance novels, but also novels with a compelling story line that really draws you into the characters. I have even gotten some of my geeky guy friends into reading paranormal romance novels, and I for one, am proud of it.
    Keep up the lovely work in this fascinating genre of books.

  64. Justine

    And I forgot to mention…’cause I’m an idiot, doncha know….that Annette’s book always deliver on all accounts. As a plus, she treats the magic community with respect & compassion. As a Wiccan, I really appreciate the “good press”; so many times witches & their brethren are portrayed badly, or just as 2D old, hump backed woman with nose problems, and lacking in social skills (and let’s not even get into the problems with diet; who ever thought a small, plump child would taste yummy? But I digress… ;0) )
    I love the witches, their consorts, and perhaps most of all, the next generation that we get to meet in each of Annette’s books. I’ve said it before & I’ll keep right on saying it: Annette creates children & teens that make you cry & laugh & be very happy to know that the next generation is being influenced by people like her & her writing.
    Okay, now I’m really done.

  65. Andi

    Annette, all this talk is just making me wish I had my car to jump into and hit my closest bookseller to pick up the book. Argh I wish now I had ordered the book sooner. I’m not due to receive my copy until the 13th 🙁

    Oh and thanks for being one of those wonderful writers who actually respond to their readers comments!@!!

  66. Justine

    I enjoy meeting strong, individual characters; not 2 dimensional knock off of modern day cliches of magic users, or vampires, or lycanthropes. The cliches can be fun, but only when they get turned on their side, I think. I also look for characters that are a bit quirky; I think the reader can mor easily identify witht hem, even if the quirk in question is not one they have, themselves. It makes the characters more human, and more real.
    And of course, I look for tight plotting, good pacing & at least a modicum of humor. I feel that no good drama or tragedy plays well without being offset by humor; it makes the tears, or the suspense all the richer. Mr. Shakespeare certainly taught that to us in so many of his tragedies. Hamlet talking to a skull in a graveyard, is a grand example.
    But of course, this is only my opinion…I could be completely off my rocker. ;0)

  67. Annette Blair

    LOL, Jodi. Spelling doesn’t count when friends are chatting. Hugs!

  68. Annette Blair

    Shari, your idea to get your mom my books for mother’s day brought tears to my eyes. It just hit me in the heart. I’m so honored.

  69. Annette Blair

    Thank you Jodi. I’m excited the release date is finally here, too! Woohoo! We won’t tell you eye doc about the glasses thing. Glad you like a good guffaw. My triplets dole those out, the snarky things. And yes, all my heroes think my heroines are nuts. Why wouldn’t they? It so much fun proving them wrong though. I’m thrilled you’ve had a blast with the series. Destiny’s story is finished and with the publisher. It’s called NEVER BEEN WITCHED and it’ll be out in February.

  70. Annette Blair

    Strohs, Way to help make release day super extra special for me. I’m so glad that you enjoyed SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH so much. Wow, that’s all I can say. Just, WOW. Thank you.

  71. Annette Blair

    Hi Euni! A woman who can hold her own against any animal or man. Yeah! But that makes me think of a question. What’s your preference? Animal or man? A combination of both, like a shifter of any type? A Supernatural like a ghost?

    He must always love and accept her no matter what, but so mus she love and accept him no matter what. In Gone with the Witch, Aiden has a big, and getting bigger, secret. 🙂

  72. Jodi

    LOL…i spelled wear “where!” Must be all that sex talk!;)

  73. Shari

    I was struggling to find my mother something for mother’s day. Then I read about this triology and I knew what to get Mom. She loves these kinds of books so I plan to get her books one and two and a gift certificate so she can get book three when it comes out. Thanks!

  74. Annette Blair

    Hugs Amanda. When you get involved with my books, let me know what you think.

  75. Jodi

    I’m so excited the release date is finally here! Woohoo! I love a good paranormal. I’m not as fond of “scary” as i am sexy ones. I always gravitate towards books that steam my glasses (when i decide to where them–please don’t tell my eye doc) while making me guffaw. I love a strong female, but love even more a man who can appreciate her. At least by the end of the story anyway. It can’t be too easy and oftentimes the hero thinking the heroine is nuts is a very good thing.

    I’m so happy for you, though. This series has been a blast to read and i can’t wait for more!

  76. Annette Blair

    Amanda, you’re absolutely right. Paranormals should have everything every other books has, especially the great sex. I LIKE SEX. 😉

  77. Annette Blair

    Andrea, thank you. I think you could call my witches “Light Paranormal,” at least that’s the category I usually enter in contests. 🙂 They’re kind of laugh out loud sassy and sexy.

  78. Annette Blair

    Andi, I really love your comment. Women who are real with a woman’s problems and quirks. Hmm. Good one. PMS, anyone? That’s a joke both in Gone with the Witch and Sex and the Psychic Witch.

  79. Strohs

    As a new found reader of Annette, I have to say I LOVED Book one of this set! I just got it and read it in one night! (couldn’t put it down) So, now to find this one (store didn’t have it on shelves yet this AM). I have to say I love paranormal romances, but yours have stepped it up to take notice! Thanks for finding me on Myspace!

  80. Annette Blair

    7simplymel, how nice of you. I’ll tell you how I get that snappy dialogue. I often write my first draft totally in dialogue. For some reason I know how my characters are going to react to each other from the beginning and I set them in the situation and let the snark fly. In one book, I planned a scene but discovered that they had nothing to say to each other in the context of that scene, so I threw it out. As I’m revision and ground them, putting in the senses and the world around them, more snark comes to mind. What can I say, I have a blast writing.

  81. Annette Blair

    Hi Tiffany Norton. Well if you’re looking for paranormals with humor, action and steamy sex scenes, I think you’ll like Gone with the Witch. Several reviewers gave it an erotic label. Who knew? Yes, snark and that push pull of love/hate is a hoot. I pretty much thought Aiden was going to explode. So did he, actually. 🙂 Hope GWTW makes you keep turning the pages and that you want to read it again. And different POV each chapter. Everything you said makes perfect sense.

  82. Annette Blair

    Ah, Kim, you’re going to like my October 2009 release, TO LOVE A DRAGON. I am having such a blast with it. Love writing the SUPERNATURAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY series. But don’t worry, a fun witch owns the employment agency. 🙂

  83. Annette Blair

    I agree with you, Michelle. Paranormal characters and their significant others, whether paranormal or not, have to be one of a kind, because they’re driven by the very essence of the “uniqueness” that defines them, drives them, and brings about the conflict and need for change that will allow them to get together. To me romance is a celebration of life, and paranormal romance, is that celebration at its most diverse and exciting.

  84. Annette Blair

    Judi, You got me grinning on the “Happy release day.” First words out of my mouth when I opened my eyes this morning. “Honey, wish me a happy release day!” 😉

    Oh, me too, strong female and an alpha who doesn’t know what hit him. Humor is built into that one. Aiden in Gone with the Witch fits that bill.

  85. Euni

    What do you like to see most in paranormal romance novels?

    A woman who can hold her own against any animal/man. And still be open to her sensuality/sexuality. And, of course, the man who is willing to accept her and love her no matter what.

  86. Annette Blair

    Terry Studler, I slapped my hand to my heart when I read yours. Way to make a writer happy; compare her work to Godiva Chocolates. Yummers! Happy to keep feeding your sugar tooth. And you keep feeding my joy in my craft. We writers lose track of that sometimes in the isolated process of creation.

  87. Amanda

    There sure is nothing like a Paranormal Romance! Talk about putting the twist into something that’s already great! Can’t wait to get involved with your books!

  88. Annette Blair

    Shannon, great comment. Different strengths to equal the playing field and up the conflict. I love that one. I’m taking notes, you know. 🙂

  89. amanda

    i love your books and so excited to see the new one!

    what i love to see is paranormal romance is what i love to see in other books. strong characters that are different, interesting plot, and hot sex. what else is there!

  90. Andrea

    Hi Annette,
    Unfortunately I have never read a paranormal romance novel, so I can’t honestly answer your question. 🙁 But I love to read, and from what I have read from the excerts on your website, your books seem like something I would really enjoy reading. Congratulations on your latest book being released!

  91. Andi

    In paranormal romance novels I love to see women who are real. We know that they have magical powers or are born different or what not but they are still women and have an everyday womans problems or quirks. I just love to see how they deal with those quirks 🙂

  92. simplymel

    what i like to see or rather read in paranormal romance novels is the conversation the characters have with each other some of the things they say are just laugh out loud funny.( i guess that’s why i get strange looks when i read in public) i love it when the couples say things to themselves that they think about the other person only to find out they are wrong and sometimes right like when they have sex thoughts about the other and find out yep they were right he or she is as good as they thought or when they think the other person is a jerk or ditzy and find out yep they wrong there is more to the person then they thought. i guess what i’m trying to say is i like the interaction of the two and the conversation the best if you have that you have a great book and annette you have all that and then some. happy release day.

  93. Tiffany Norton

    What I like to see in paranormal romance novels is some humor, good action and steamy sex scenes as well as good character development and writing. The ones where the main characters start out not liking each other but having an attraction to the other makes for some great humor in my opinion, especially when you have at least one sarcastic character. Plus then, you keep turning the pages wondering when they are finally gonna give in or explode from the pent up frustration. I also love the ones that switch off maybe every chapter as to whose point of view it is through, the male or the female. I truly love the series where you get to know all of the characters up close and personal as well as falling in love with the characters so much so that you can’t choose just one favorite. If you add all of these into a paranormal romance novel then I just can’t seem to put it down and it will guarantee that it is a book that is read way more than once.

    Please let me know if this does not make sense or if you want more clarification.


  94. Kim

    I like to see self assured women. And Alpha men. Lot’s of romance. sexy vampires,werewolves,demon’s,witches, and dragons.

  95. Michelle

    My absolute favorite thing about paranormal romance: the original characters. With all of the sub-genras of romance out there, so many of these novels feel like equation stories- find something that sells, change the place, change the character names, and wala! a whole new book- with the same storyline.

    In paranormal romance, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I love that characters across the paranormal romance genra can be anyone, anywhere. This opens the possibilities up to all walks of life. Paranormal romance includes everyone, and it makes for a much more interesting read. Not only are readers getting original characters, but throwing in that little extra- that paranormal- tests these characters in ways that most of us can’t say we’ve been tested. And the romance? Well, the ups and downs of relationships have never been easy.

    Its the characters that make readers fall in love with a story, how they interact, react and retalliate drives the story forward. In paranormal romance, each character offers something new and unique to fall in love with.

  96. Judi

    Oohh, I’ve been waiting for this one. First off, HAPPY RELEASE DAY ANNETTE!! A sexy goth witch with attitude is “someone” I’d love to read about. And a signed copy would be awesome!

    What do I like to see most in a paranormal romance book? I love the paranormal and romance aspects, of course, but I really enjoy a sassy, spunky and strong but vulnerable female lead interacting with an alpha who doesn’t know what “hit him”! I love humor in there as well.

  97. Terry Studer

    Annette your books are like Godiva chocolates, you can never eat just one and once the box/story is done you just have to have another. Keep them coming sweetie, my sugar tooth is raring to go!

  98. Shannon Upright

    I like to see strong women with powers, but I also like to see the man have his own powers. I don’t like to see them completely helpless.

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