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Seems we have been a might quiet the last few days but rest assured we have lots of exciting authors headed your way in the month of February. Today we start the month with the always witty Bryn Colvin.

Bryn will be discussing the naming of characters adequately for your time period.

For now check out more about Bryn and her latest release LATE NIGHT SESSIONS.

I was born in rural Gloucestershire (south west of England) in 1977. I grew up in Dursley (yes, the place for which the Dursleys, in ‘Harry Potter’ are named.) and stayed there until I was 22. I studied English literature at Cheltenham. Most of my obsessions have been with me from early childhood – music, most especially folk music, mythology, green issues, paganism, literature, art, and profound friendships.  

In my teens I played in a blues-rock band – I drummed. I was an avid role play gamer, which has certainly influenced my fantasy work. I managed to grow up somewhat old fashioned, the benefit of not having a television and being encouraged to entertain myself I suspect. I’ve never liked mass produced consumerist stuff, fast food or anything else of that ilk. I find a lot of popular culture superficial and unsatisfying.  

At twenty two, I finished my degree and moved to the West Midlands to live with Jonathan. I’ve since married him and we’ve got a son called James. The last few years have been very busy indeed. I started running the Redditch Folk club in 2001, which has been challenging, but great fun. We’ve evolved a mumming side since then. I took on working as a volunteer for the Pagan Federation a few years back – www.paganfed.org spent a while as District Manager for the West Midlands.  

In 2007 I started running open rituals in the West Midlands, and
have established a loose knit community – Bards of the lsot forest, tree planting and celebrating in the forest of Arden. I have also become a Druid Network volunteer.

I have been writing since my late teens, but only working with a serious eye to getting published since 2002. Since then I’ve had assorted pieces of short work published online and in anthologies, and I’ve now got several novels placed with electronic publishers. I’ve also one paperback novel to my name – ‘The Shifting Heart, with another paperback to follow soon.  I

n the rest of my life, I’m studying Druidry, singing and playing as part of a folk duo with Dave James (of BTMC and Alcester festival infamy) and taking my research very seriously.  

Late Night Sessions by Bryn Colvin

Late Night Sessions is a tale of overcoming loss and finding love. After the death of her closest friend, Vicky is trying to rebuild her life. A chance meeting at a folk festival brings her into contact with Daniel, an older man with his own ghosts. It’s hard to connect with anyone when you are caught up in grief and afraid of future losses. With an age gap to contend with, the distrust of Daniel’s adult children and the unhelpful influence of others Vicky has a lot to contend with. Are her late night sessions with Daniel more than lust and music? Do they have a future together, and can she do what’s needed to make it work?

Late Night Sessions is available here.

You can also find Bryn on the web.



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