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Welcome to Friday!!! My favorite day of the week. Work is slow, the weekend is upon us and add Debbie Wallace to the mix. Well you get the idea, Friday is starting out pretty darn good.

Join us as we welcome Debbie to the Junkies Blog. 

The Secrets of a Closet Writer

Pen on paper, a manual typewriter, it doesn’t matter when you’ve got the bug. And by bug I don’t mean bedbugsJ I’m talking about the need, or in my case, passion to write. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer.  

When I was around the age of ten I would write short stories on notebook paper. At the time they seemed like long stories until I typed them out onto a few measly pages. It didn’t matter because whatever I wrote came from my heart and soul. Stories about love & happily ever after.  

I can recall how my parents laughed at me when I told them I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. It crushed me. They’ll never know how much power their reaction had on me. After that I never mentioned it again. I kept my dream in my heart, feeling somehow that it was a stupid idea, and thus a closet writer was born.  

To this day I have no idea why they bought me a typewriter for my 13th Christmas. Knowing them it was simply because I asked for one. After receiving that there was no stopping me. I typed all the time. Writing suddenly became therapy for me, a very private part of me that I shared with no one.  

As I got older I continued to write, though life often got in the way and the years slipped by. My stories began to pile up on me. The pages turning crisp and yellow, the plot so outdated in some that serious revision would be needed before submitting to any publisher. Only that didn’t cross my mind. The vision of my parents laughing at me still a painful memory. 

Then gradually I let my grown daughter and niece in on my little secret. When my niece indicated to me one day that she wanted to be a writer I felt compelled to reveal my dreams. They were surprised, and insisted on reading something I’d written. They liked it and encouraged me to submit to a publisher. Two short months later I was offered a contract. At fifty years old my dreams had come true! If only I’d realized they were my dreams from the beginning. 

My daughter and niece believed in me and gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. THEY didn’t think wanting to become a writer was funny. And receiving that contract from Whiskey Creek Press was a turning point in my life. I wasn’t just a writer. I was a published writer. I came out of the closet.  

Now I’m a multi-published author. My first book, “CUPID’S ARROW” with Whiskey Creek Press was on their best sellers list for two consecutive months. Talk about a confidence booster! I have three books out with New Concepts Publishing but I’m here today to plug my second romance released with Whiskey Creek Press. “THE SENATOR’S DAUGHTER” came out in 2007 and is offered in print and ebook.


Senators Daughter Wallace

 A body guard turned kidnapper has his hands full trying to handle a high spirited society gal hell bent on escape.  

Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews! Read the whole review here- http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2007/June/LenaC-TheSenatorsDaughter.htmRECOMMENDED READ from Senator’s Daughter by Debbie Wallace in one The

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Gift from the author: Anyone who leaves a comment on this post from July 11 to July 15 will receive a download of, “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES

51 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Debbie Wallace!!!

  1. Tory Richards

    Hi Bobbie,

    Wow, this was posted in 2008 when I was still writing under my real name. I write as Tory Richards now. I don’t even have those other websites anymore. I hope you’ll check me out at http://www.toryrichards.com

    Take care:)

  2. Bobbie Paling

    Cool! You have answered. I’ll take a quote! The meaning of life and everything else. Decided. No kidding!…

  3. Debbie Wallace

    Thank Karen! As a struggling author there’s nothing I like to hear more than someone putting one of my books on a to-buy list. However, if you’d like a copy just email me. The contest was over on the 15th but I’m in a generous mood:)


  4. Karen H in NC

    This book sounds great! It is definately going on my Books-to-buy list.

  5. Debbie Wallace

    Thanks for the book cover compliment, Tina. Please e-mail me so I can send you a copy of “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”. Yes, you’re a little late but I’m feeling generous:)


  6. Becky

    Thanks so much Debbie!!! You’ve been so great!

  7. Debbie Wallace

    Congratulations, Becky! So glad your job worries are over. I knew it was just a matter of time:)


  8. tina brunelle

    I might be late but had to say that cover is just stunning!

  9. Becky

    Hey Debbie,
    Good news. I was offered a job today making almost as much as the one I had. It’s a little farther away and with gas prices what they are, that’s a bummer but…it’s a job and we won’t have to cut back too much on the budget. I do have an interview tomorrow with a company that’s closer so that may pan out but at any rate, I do have a job!
    Thanks to you and to everyone who was pulling for me!!!!

  10. Debbie Wallace

    That’s all you can do Becky. There are times in our lives when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is there, right around the corner:)


  11. Becky

    Hey Debbie,
    My ex did the same. I guess they really don’t get it. It was just heartbreaking! Thank God my parents helped us or we’d have been homeless. My ex didn’t pay anything for 3 years and didn’t call or see the kids for any of that time either. What a jerk. Thank you for your supportive words and thoughts and for listening. Sometimes that is just so meaningful!! I’m keeping my head up and forging ahead. Thank you so much!!

    Thanks for the advice. I’m going to check with a couple temp agencies this week. I’m so glad to hear you came through ok. I know how hard it was but you did so great!! Thanks for the good wishes!

    Hugs to all

  12. Debbie Wallace

    Martha, my mom and I had our problems but it was still hard losing her. She lived just long enough to see her great-granddaughter born. We were all very thankful for that. And I feel the same way you do, that she’s looking down at us and is with us in some way every day.

  13. Debbie Wallace

    Hey, Nancy, I have 3 books in print and a 4th due out in October. For those, ah…print junkies! LOL

  14. Debbie Wallace

    Gee, you’ve been through a lot Becky. I only had my daughter but plenty of help from my parents when my ex decided to punish me by not helping with the bills. Why are men like that? Don’t they realize they’re hurting their children far more than their ex-spouses? I guess at the time they just don’t care.

    I guess going through tough times makes you a survivor but honestly, at the time you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Keep a positive outlook, something good has got to come your way soon:) I can tell you’re a decent, caring woman and God will look out for you.

  15. Debbie Wallace

    ChariDee, I didn’t realize until after I posted that the email I responded to wasn’t directly to you. Sorry you didn’t get your copy of “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”. Please send me an email from your account so I can send the book there:)

  16. Martha E

    Just saw the last group of e-mails. Debbie – I send my sympathies on the loss of your mother. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 21 and have missed having her there when I was married and when my children and grandchildren were born. Special times like Mother’s Day and Christmas are still poignant, but, I feel she is looking down on me with love. You’re right too… we have to hope we leave our children with a positive legacy. (I’m lucky my dad is still alive and pretty active at 84!)

    Becky – I agree with Debbie’s advise about temp jobs. I am an attorney but when I was working for a company that folded, I took part time work for about six months while I built up my business. At least I knew we would have that steady amount coming in. My husband and I were $50,000.00 in debt, but we “downsized” to a house that cost us $500.00 a month in mtg instead of $1200.00. We didn’t take the kids to McDonald’s for about a year, but with God’s grace we were out of debt and moving to a nicer place within four years. I’ll say some prayers for your situation to improve.

  17. Becky

    Hey Nancy, glad you like them, they’re great guys. And…although all the songs are not traditional, at least 90% do have bagpipes. They use the pipes in a very non-traditional way, as a main instrument like guitar. Unti, them, I had never heard pipes played that way, and I grew up around them. But if you like the more traditional, stick with the albums Rain and Thunder, Old Ground, Big Dog, Seven Nations Seven Nations and The Factory. They have the most traditional songs on them.

  18. Nancy Bristow

    Becky…I did look up the band and I liked what I heard. I just have to take some more time and decide exactly which songs I want. I liked a lot of them but want some of the more traditional songs with bagpipes. Think kilts:))))

    Debbie…Count me in as one among the many who really loves the cover on The Senator’s Daughter but even more important is what’s between the covers . And, I see we have a choice between ebook and print:) Nancy

  19. Becky

    That’s something I’m going to have to consider if it goes on much longer. I prefer a permanent situation but of course, will do what I have to. Thanks very much for thinking of me! It’s good to see you! BTW did you look up the band I was telling you about? If so, whqt did you think?

  20. Nancy Bristow

    Debbie…Thank you. I received All The Right Moves just fine and look forward to reading it.

    Becky…Perhaps you can temp while searching for the right job. It was my solution three times in my life when I got caught in company downsizings. I survived and the fourth time it happend, I wanted it and went out with a smile and a severance package….Nancy:)

  21. Becky

    Hey Debbie,
    I sympathize on being a single mother, I got divorced when my kids were 8 & 3. My ex left me with both kids, both with ADHD, the house, the dog, the bird and the rabbit. Oh and $10k in debts when I earned 11k a year. I was terrified and desperate too. And right now, I support my whole household except for food and my hubby’s car. My aunt and her dog live with us and my brother and I support our Dad who only has Social Security to live on. So I’m feeling pretty desperate. But I think that anytime we’re out of work, we terrified and desperate. We don’t know how we’ll get through it, but then we do and we’re never sure how. But we’re survivors!!
    Thanks so much for the crossed everything and for caring!! You’re a gem!!

  22. ChariDee

    Hi Debbie, I never received an e-mail from you, I’m not sure what happened.

  23. Debbie Wallace

    I guess it doesn’t really matter when you lose your mother, it’s not something you’re likely to ever get over completely. The happy memories are always nice to hold on to and we can only hope we leave the same legacy for our children:)


  24. Caffey

    Thanks for all YOU do Debbie!
    No, my mom passed away December 1, 2001. So sorry too Debbie, hugs. The memories tho are as clear as the days I went to visit her to chat about books. She used to hide the big fat historicals behind the series book until I came to her with books from the library that she should read and seeing that I was already reading them, I got to read those in her collection too!

  25. Debbie Wallace

    Third time’s a charm? Hi Christina, I hope this shows up as the other two responses didn’t.

    Thanks for your compliment on my book cover. It’s one of my favorites. Make sure you email me so I can send you your gift:)

  26. Debbie Wallace

    Okay ChariDee, this is the second time I’ve responded to your comment. I hope this one shows up:) I responded twice to Christina and neither of them showed up. Don’t know why.

    Happy up-coming birthday on the 15th! I hope you have a great day. I believe I emailed you a copy of “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES” yesterday when you emailed me. Hope you received it.

    Have a great weeknd!

  27. Debbie Wallace

    That’s okay Nancy:) About being a print junkie I mean. Maybe I can convert you:) Try it, you might like it. Email me for your copy, okay? I know we’ve been emailing back and forth but once I respond to a message I delete it.

    Take care!

  28. Debbie Wallace

    Great to see you here Caffey and thanks for the plug. I’m glad you enjoy my books and I appreciate the support.

    I’m guessing by your comment that your mom is no longer here, sorry to hear about that. I lost mine a year ago this month.

    Have a good weekend!

  29. Debbie Wallace

    Hi Fedora! Don’t forget to email me so I can send you a copy of “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”!

  30. Nancy Bristow

    Debbie…I just saw the note at the top about the download of “All The Right Moves.” Awesome even if I am a print junkie….Nancy:)

  31. Nancy Bristow

    Rats Debbie…So sorry to have missed your chat yesterday at RJR. You already know what I think about your books and what’s on my TBB;) I think Becky is a member at RJR as I am:)

    You also know I have your upcoming Tory Richard books: Wicked Desire and It’s All In The Jeans on my TBB and that I can’t wait…hubba, hubba….Nancy:)

  32. Caffey

    Hi Debbie! Absolutely sounds so good! I’ve had the joy of reading your romance suspense before and its heart pounding and captivating! Really, the romance is so strong and emotional!! This one too sounds like it will be a great read!!

    So loved how you got to where you are today as a writer! I used to visit my mom’s room each night and she’d talk of a romance book she read and share with me and I’d read that day and night and come back for another book! I think if she was here she’d love yours too.

  33. Fedora

    Oh, Debbie, thanks for sharing your story today, and I’m so glad that you got the encouragement to pursue your dreams! Hooray for us readers! Keep on writing now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, so to speak! 😉

  34. ChariDee

    July 15 is my birthday!!! Oh man, if I win, what a cool thing! Anyway, wanted to say that I found you here through AuthorIsland. The cover of your book is absolutely gorgeous!

    And to Becky, Godspeed on the job hunt.

  35. Debbie Wallace

    Sorry to hear that Becky, keep your chin up. It’s been years since I’ve had to job hunt but I can still remember the anxiousness and desperation I felt until I found one. Course, my situation was probably different from yours. I was newly divorced with a minor child to care for.

    I’ll keep my fingers, legs, and eyes crossed for you:)

  36. Debbie Wallace

    I don’t know that my parents realized the damage they did to my confidence when they laughed at my dreams. Maybe they thought I was joking. Who knows? Anyway, I hope you don’t put off your dreams to long, Martha. Life is short:)

    Don’t forget to email me so I can send you your gift.

  37. Debbie Wallace

    Me too, J.K. Though I could kick myself for waiting so long. I guess that’s why my motto is, “It’s never to late”

    please email me for your copy of “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”, my first book with New Concepts Publishing

  38. Debbie Wallace

    I do have a wonderful daughter, Eva, thanks! She’s my best friend and we’re very close.

    Hope you enjoy “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”, email me for your copy:)

  39. Debbie Wallace

    Hi Robin,

    My handwriting stinks big time. Worse than scribble. Don’t forget to email me so I can send you your gift:)


  40. Becky

    Nope, no job yet. The way I’m interviewing the last two weeks, I should have 10 jobs but…nothing yet. I’m still in the runnng for several though so my fingers are crossed.

    I am getting around these days, aren’t I? Actually, I got your post on Bookjunkys and jumped right on over here. 🙂

    I loved your story, thanks for sharing it!!
    Be seeing you!! 🙂

  41. Martha

    Hi Debbie-
    That is so neat that you fulfilled your dreams! It is sad when parents react negatively to their childfen’s dreams — it does have an impact. Glad you have support of your daughter and neice – that is a blessing. Gives hope to me and my scribbled sketches tucked in my drawers, but I have to wait a few more years so that I am not spending full time running two businesses to keep my two kids in college and my retired husband in the style we’ve become accustomed to. Ain’t live grand!
    I am looking forward to reading your book. THANKS! And keep dreaming and typing!
    (I hope the cover for The Senator’s Daughter is getting lots of votes.)

  42. J.K. Coi

    That’s such an inspirational story, and I’m glad that you didn’t let your dreams get away from you! Congratulations!

  43. Eva S

    What a wonderful story and daughter you have! Your book sounds great (and the cover is hot!), I’d love to read about the couple… With a HEA, I hope…

  44. Robin

    I would love to have the writing bug! When I read, the books transport me, but I have no writing skills…I even got C’s in handwriting! 😉 Best of luck! HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!

  45. Debbie Wallace

    What a pretty name, Breia! Yes, maybe my parents weren’t so supportive but my daughter and niece are and without their encouragement I might never have submitted to a publisher.

    Email me so I can send you “ALL THE RIGHT MOVES”.

    You too, Lindy and Becky:)


  46. Debbie Wallace

    Hi Becky! You seem to get around, too! LOL Good to see you here friend. JOB?

  47. Debbie Wallace

    Thanks Lindy:)

  48. Breia B.

    I am so glad you became a writer. Its so nice hen yur family is very supportive of your dreams. Good luck to you.

  49. Becky

    Hey Debbie,
    Good to see you over here!!! What an inspirational story!! You’re amazing! And how wonderful your talent was finally recognized!!
    You go girl!!

  50. Lindy

    I’m so glad you overcame it and became a writer! :>]


  51. ChristinaR

    I like your new book’s hook! Nice cover, too.

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