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Well it’s Tuesday and the month of April is slowly slipping away. I can’t believe May is almost here. And just as this month comes to an end so does the LEGACY SERIES by Elena Dorothy Bowman.

She’s joining us today to share a little about herself and this last installment entitled ADAMS POINT. Please help us make her feel welcome and feel free to ask any questions you might have for her here in the comment section of the blog.

I am an author who writes in several genres including: futuristic
science fiction, and mystery romance novels that have a touch of the
paranormal running through them. My early interest in space and working
in the space industry had captured my imagination and was instrumental
in writing my first novel in The Sarah’s Landing Series — Sarah’s

The first book in the series was published in
hardcover, soft-cover, e-book and as an audio book. The audio book won
the APA award for one of the best audio books in 2001. All four books
have now been contracted for and released in ebook format by Write
Words, Inc., ebooksonthe.net and is expected to be released in print by
their imprint Cambridge Books sometime in 2008.

When the series was completed, I thought about writing a mystery novel.
The mystery novel turned out to be a Romantic Suspense/ Mystery/Thriller
with a touch of the paranormal. It surprised me to say the least. I
didn’t know I could write in that genre. That novel, which turned out to
be the first in a series, has now been published, by Write Words,
ebooksonthe.net, as an e-book, and in print by Cambridge Books.

The second and third books in the series have also been released as ebooks,
with the second book now in print and the third recently released in
print. There are seven other books which been released as ebooks and
they, too, will be in print eventually, four of which are part of the
Sarah’s Landing Series, and the other three are stand alone novels.
I am a former aerospace software engineer, an Honors graduate of
Fitchburg College earning a BS Degree in Engineering and Management. I
also serve as an officer in the Massachusetts Chapter of the National
League of American PenWomen. The mother of four, and grandmother of one,
I live in Chelmsford, MA with my husband and two daughters. My two sons
have their own homes.

More about all of my novels, excepts and reviews can be read on my
website: http://sarahslanding.com or http://elenadb.home.comcast.net.


Adams Point
Write Words, Inc., imprint Cambridge Books
ISBN# 1-59431-452-7

 Adams Point ED Bowman

The third and final episode begins with Ethan’s return to Adams Point
after taking some of the guests to Caleb’s Cove in order to lesson the
danger that might engulf them. After the disappearances of the
McCutcheons and the Holms, he thought it was a wise move to make until
he could unravel the mystery of their disappearances. He was in a hurry
to return to the Point because he didn’t like leaving Abigail alone. It
wasn’t that he didn’t trust the people he left her with. He didn’t trust
the house. It tried to make her a part of it before, not once but twice,
and he wasn’t about to let it happen again. He knew she wasn’t really
alone there were three other couples with her along with Tony who would
never let anything happen to her. Still, he wasn’t there and he wanted
to get back to her as quickly as he could. He knew the strange
happenings and disappearances of two couples from the Inn had really
shaken his remaining guests. Even if they didn’t leave with the others
who were quick to take Ethan up on his offer, they were still unnerved.
They had decided to stay with Ethan, Abigail and Tony instead of going
aboard the Abigail for a half-hour sail to the small village of Caleb’s
Cove and what was considered safety.

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