Welcome Guest Blogger Emily Veinglory !!!!

Welcome to Saturday!!! Another month ticks away and summer gets closer and closer. Today we have author  Emily Veinglory joining us!! Emily will be discusing her muse and promoting it. It ties very well with her release THE SCULPTER’S MUSE. Not only does it sound fabulous just look at the cover. IT’S GORGEOUS!!


So if you can spare a few precious weekend minutes with us, please help Kim and I welcome Emily to the Romance Junkies Blog!!!

The Sculpter’s Muse be Emily Veinglory


Karl, a young painter, is struck blind almost over night by a merciless virus. Clarius, a jaded muse, is sent to watch over him. Muses are meant to remain an invisible, divine presence–but from the very beginning Clarius knows that this case will be different. Karl does not need abstract inspiration; he needs to be loved, and touched.


But a vindictive female muse and Karl’s insane ex-boyfriend are hunting Clarius down–and the penalty for any muse revealing themselves to a mortal man is death! Clarius must leave the man he loves and the loss may tear them both apart.


New Zealand-born Emily Veinglory began writing her first novel while studying for her PhD. Since then she has continued as a scientist by day and writer by night (and on weekends). Emily writes fantasy and romance often with a dark or paranormal twist, including two fantasy romance novels with Samhain Publishing. She is currently working on a sequel to ‘Father of Dragons’ tentatively entitled ‘Lover of Ghosts’. 

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  1. veinglory

    Thanks for hosting me at the RJ blog. It’s good to be here. 🙂

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