Welcome Guest Blogger Jane Beckenham!!!

Happy Monday Junkies!!!

Seems like February is flying by fast, I’m afraid if I blink I’ll open my eyes and it will be April. Sneeze and it will be June, but seriously today we’re joined by Jane Beckenham from Down Under.

New Zealand to be exact and if anyone knows about a fast paced life it’s Jane. As the mother of two teenage daughters and a wife she is always performing a juggling act. Between taxi services for her girls, cooking and cleaning it’s a wonder she has time to write, but she does.

So sit back and enjoy a glimpse at her recent release HE’S THE ONE!

He’s the One by Jane Beckenham


By Jane Beckenham


Release date:  October 2007


Wedding consultant Taylor Sullivan is sensible, successful, and creates fantasies for a living. Business is booming, but one thing is holding her back—her lack of sexual experience. What Taylor needs is a good teacher!


Known for his talent in the bedroom and the long string of broken hearts that he’s left behind Cade Harper can’t say no to Taylor’s proposal, but as business turns to pleasure, the man who doesn’t believe in lasting love finds himself falling hard and fast. But will fantasy come true?



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  2. Ashley

    So if I want to bookmark this blog do I have to setup a Reddit account first?

  3. danette

    This book looks like a lot of fun. LOVE THE COVER!

    Hugs, Danette

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