Welcome Guest Blogger Kacey Smith!!!

It’s Monday for sure and while many of us have the blues at the beginning of the week I think our guest today may be able to scare them away. Please help me welcome New Author Kacey Smith! 

It’s an honor for me to be here today, blogging with the Romance Junkies. I have my very first release with Amber Quill Press, part of their Amber Heat line. How did this come about? Well, sit back and I’ll tell you…

Amber Quill Press holds a contest every year.They call this contest the Heat Wave and it’s the only time they accept outside submissions. You send your entry in and then you sit back, biting your nails, until such time as the winners of the contest are announced. The date the winners are announced, you check your email OBSESSIVELY until you see something from AQP in the inbox.

Then you take a deep breath and open that email. When you see the words, “Congratulations,” you leap out of your chair, startling the family pet and any other family members who might be near you as you run screaming through the house. Or maybe that was just me… J

In any event. Here’s what led me to the contest. I’d been reading Amber Quill works for almost two years. I started writing a story and couldn’t choose which of the two men I really wanted to be the hero, so I just flat refused to choose. I figured if I, as the writer of this story, was having such a hard time, then my heroine should have a hard time, too. I finally made it so neither of us had to choose. She wound up with both men in her life and I wound up with a contract with Amber Quill Press.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Amber Quill Family. I ADORE my cover, and I’m hard at work on a sequel to Tales from the Graveyard Shift: Ghouls.  I hope you enjoy Crystal, Brian and Ulrich’s adventures and that you’ll let me hear from you with your impressions of the story.

Ghouls by Kacey Smith

You can read an excerpt at the Amber Quill website (www.amberquill.com) or on my website (www.kaceysmith.com) or you can buy the book at the following link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/TGS1_Ghouls.html



11 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Kacey Smith!!!

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  4. Kacey

    Thanks so much Arwen, Natasha & Helen! It’s been an interesting few months and I’m looking forward to more! Hope you all get a chance to read it (grin)



  5. Helen Scott Taylor

    Hi Kacey, great to see your book is out. Sounds fascinating-I love the love triangle stories. Eye-catching cover.

  6. Natasha Moore

    Chiming in late to say congrats on your first release from Amber Quill! I loved hearing your “call” story.

  7. TarotByArwen

    Glad your day is finally here, Kacey! Enjoy!

  8. Kacey

    Thanks so much, JL! I appreciate the kind words.



  9. J L Wilson

    Hey, Kacey! Just saw that you were blogging here — you go! As an ex-contest diva, I know how it feels (biting the fingernails, etc.) Congrats on the release and here’s to many more (raising my coffee mug to you!)


  10. Kacey

    Thanks, Luanna. It’s a pretty hot book! 😉



  11. Luanna

    Wow, Kacey! That’s a hot excerpt. Congratulations on your new release, and here’s to many more!

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