Welcome Guest Blogger Kimber Chin!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!! Please welcome Kimber Chin to the Junkies Blog.

Kimber will be discussing”Sisters in Romance” as well as giving one lucky poster a copy of her novel BREACH OF TRUST.

Here’s a glimpse at the author and her current release.

I’m a businessbabe.  Wait, wait, don’t go anywhere!  I’m not going to talk about numbers or anything.  (Please note for the record that there are no numbers or math in any of my romance novels.)  I don’t know why business is always associated with math, it is so much more exciting than that.


Don’t believe me?  Men in suits, need I say more?  Okay, okay, how about a Brad Pitt look-a-like in a suit?  Sure, he’s getting older (so am I) but I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.  In fact, I think most men look good in suits.  Even The Donald with his crazy comb over cuts an impressive figure in his navy blue suits and 1980’s red ties.   

Why am I talking about The Donald?  I’m supposed to be introducing myself.  Hi, I’m Kimber Chin (chorus of hello Kimber Chin).  I write contemporary romances based in the business world so I can write about various uses for that overly large boardroom table.  As I’m incredibly lazy, much of the research comes from real life (not the boardroom table antics – those come from rumors, not real life).  Some of it is fiction too so don’t think that flirting with a venture capitalist will land your company financing (that doesn’t happen in my book either – not for lack of trying).


My characters have lives of their own, not starting or stopping with the novels.  I explore some of these stories on my site http://businessromance.com/ every week.  Be warned:  these stories are not edited and I have a habit of going off on tangents.  Read at your own risk. 

Breach of Trust by Kimber Chin 

Blurb Time (like Hammertime except you can touch it all you want)


Breach Of Trust

Site Info: http://businessromance.com/

When business secrets are spilled, can love survive?

When You Play With The Best…

For years, Anne James has played a dangerous game, secretly manipulating venture capitalist Philippe Lamont into financing her clients. She knew there would be a price to pay for her arrogance. That price, she thought, was three months of negotiated torture as his sexy Girl Friday.

…The Stakes Are High

Anne was wrong. In Philippe’s fast paced world of start up investing, the lines between business and personal blur. One misstep, one misplaced confidence, and Anne could lose her heart, her business, and her life.


5 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Kimber Chin!!!!

  1. Ciara Gold

    Hi Kimber, wow, this is so exciting that your book is finally out. I was holding out for the print version, but after reading all your excerpts and hearing you talk about it, I may have to break down and get the e-book. No worries, either way, your book is on my list. I get the summer off which means time to finally read!

  2. Lisa

    Welcome Kimber! Book sound good.

  3. Kimber Chin

    Deidre, I don’t deliberately write funny but I do write about businesspeople so it kind of goes with the territory.

    Here’s my rule of first impressions… the more “normal” a person looks on the outside, the stranger they really are on the inside.

    My fellow businesspeople?

    They deliberately wear a standard uniform (navy blue suit, white shirt, red tie) and keep themselves secured in small little spaces (offices).

    There’s a reason why.

  4. Deidre Durance

    Kimber, you are funny! Can we look forward to a lot of humor in your books?


  5. Kimber Chin

    Wow, here I am (looking around in amazement) actually on Romance Junkies, instead of merely leaving wisea$$ remarks. I am thrilled to pieces (Reeses Pieces or if you prefer M&M’s) to be here!!

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