Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Hauf!!!

HAPPY  THURSDAY!!! Today we are joined by author Michele Hauf as she discusses the paranormal genre and her upcoming release RACINGTHE MOON. Known for her vampires and her witches this new novel allows her to stretch her wings a bit.

Join us as we welcome Michele to the Junkies blog.

Michele Hauf writes paranormal romance, action/adventure, fantasy and
historical romance. If it’s got action, a kick-butt heroine, and the
occasional vampire, she is so there. Her 16th full-length novel, HIS
FORGOTTEN FOREVER, is out this July from Nocturne.

Racing the Moon Michele Hauf

Dean Maverick, werewolf, is racing against the full moon when his
truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A sexy female mechanic named
Sunday assesses the damage, and Dean. Sparks crackle between the two of
them; they cannot hide their attraction to one another.

It’ll take a day for parts to arrive; Sunday offers the spare
bedroom above her shop for him to stay the night. Dean doesn’t have a day,
or even a few hours. When the full moon is high in the sky, his inner wolf
will emerge, unless he can appease it beforehand with sex.

Being a familiar isn’t easy for Sunday, sex is a conduit for
demons to enter the mortal realm. Most familiars can control this power,
but Sunday can’t. Every time she climaxes, a demon bridges to this realm,
and they’re not always friendly. But she can’t deny the feral need to help
slake Dean’s lust. And keeping the wolf at bay will see her safe from an
attack, wolves don’t like cats.

Can a cat and wolf get beyond their prejudices and overcome
their own problems to bring the wolf to a howling submission?


2 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Hauf!!!

  1. Little Lamb Lost

    What an interesting storyline…sounds like the book would be terribly steamy!

  2. Kimber Chin

    Wow, what a great blurb! Love the cat and dog angle.

    And I really like the cover. Nocturne has some of the best!

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