Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Lang!!!

Today we welcome Michele Lang to our little corner of the World Wide Web. While we wait for her blog topic I thought we should share a little about her boook NETHERWORLD. 

 Netherworld Michele Lang

There’s a new sheriff on the planet of Fresh Havens… 

And her name is Talia Fortune.  Her mission:  capture the cyber outlaw, Kovner, who has smashed the computer interface on the offworld colony of Fresh Havens.  His Sherwood:  the sentient Gray Forest, where he and a band of rebels hide from a deadly menace.  Scion of the Fortune family and primary shareholder of the mega-conglomerate FortuneCorp, Talia is desperate to prove her worth to her family, the residents of Fresh Havens, and to herself.  Kovner has discovered a dangerous secret that threatens Talia’s world and everything she’s ever known.  And Talia has sworn to destroy him – the outlaw she knows and loves in an alternate reality, the only man who can teach her how and why to survive. Here’s what reviewers and readers are saying about NETHERWOOD:

“Original, exciting…you can’t stop turning the pages!” —NYT Bestselling author Susan Squires

 “Michele Lang enters the Shomi line in a big way with NETHERWOOD.  Her clever world building makes this world in which technology reigns supreme seem real.  The descriptions are so vividly drawn that even the strongest technophobe will easily find themselves enthralled by this enchanting tale.”—CK2S Kwips and Kritiques “Ms. Lang’s writing has always been superb, yet the complexity of this plot and the relationships she has made integral to its furtherance shows that she is light years ahead of the game. Though there are elements of Robin Hood, the Matrix, Braveheart, and the Prisoner, just to name a few things implied in the text, they are freshly blended into something new that will challenge your mind and keep you hooked.” —Eternal Night

“NETHERWOOD is an action romance with many surprises along the way.  Ms. Lang packs this tale with futuristic action, an intriguing storyline and characters that have you cheering on their fight for survival. NETHERWOOD is an entertaining escape into a fascinating future world.”–Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

‘This book was a great book. How do I measure that, simple I started off reading it last Wednesday and finished it by Wednesday night. This is the kind of book you tell the hubby to pick up Chinese because you’re not going to cook tonight.” –reader SaraiJ 

“Can I tell you this book totally and completely ROCKS? I mean, from page one, rocks. . . . it’s got this WHOLE other level going on, discussions of the soul, of what makes us human, a love story, all wrapped up in a sci fi book with avatars and “Netherwood.” The book is AWESOME!”   –author Erica Orloff


Michele Lang — Electric Dreams

NETHERWOOD, March 2008

“Original, exciting…you can’t stop turning the pages!”

-New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Squires


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