Werewolves and the Authors Who Love Them by Shara Lanel

Where did my fascination for werewolves come from? Let’s start with my love of dogs. Those eyes that see right into your soul. The faithfulness, the unconditional love. Helpful, but not enough to make me take the leap to writing a hero who is a werewolf, though I did dedicate my upcoming novel BLAME IT ON THE MOON to my dog Ana. She passed away in her sleep just before New Year’s Eve. I’m still grieving, but we have a new puppy to distract me.

 (Btw, this post contains a giveaway, so keep on reading…) 

As for romantic werewolf heroes, blame Laurell K. Hamilton. Her character Richard is soooo HOT. Then there’s Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Trés cool. I read Tanya Huff’s Blood Trail early on, which is about a clan of were. Years later, I read (along with the rest of the world) the Harry Potter series with Professor Lupin, who I actually always liked more than Sirius. Neither are romantic figures when they change, though, especially in the movies. 

But when did werewolves change from monsters into heroes? 

Go back a few years more to the massively romantic movie Ladyhawk, with Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick, and Michelle Pfeifer. I haven’t seen that movie in several years, but I used to watch it over and over on a worn-out VHS tape. Captain Navarre turned into a wolf at night while Lady Isabeau changed into a hawk during the day, keeping them forever apart except for one brief moment between night and dawn. Sigh. Incredible romance! 

I must admit that part of my inspiration for Haden’s character in BLAME IT ON THE MOON is from the 1985 movie Teen Wolf. No, that movie wasn’t high romance and Michael J. Fox is hardly alpha, but I never forgot when he discovered his family secret by witnessing a few changes in the mirror. 

Recent reading on the subject has included Derik’s Bane, part of Mary Janice Davidson’s Wyndham werewolves series, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, and Kiss of the Wolf by Morgan Hawke. The time period and setting of this book intrigue me as much as the shapeshifters and vampires. 

Wikepedia has an excellent article on the basics of werewolves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf.

You may also wish to consult The Werewolf and Shapeshifter Codex: http://www.geocities.com/yaiolani/handbook.htm.

For a list of non-fiction books on the subject, check out lycanthropes.org: http://www.lycanthropes.org/shapeshifter/nonfict.htm.

From that list, I personally enjoyed reading The Book of Were-Wolves by Sabine Baring-Gould. You can also explore shapeshifting as it relates to shamanism. I loved the novel Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy. Now for some fun, here’s a list of the music I listened to while writing BLAME IT ON THE MOON. Some of the songs have to do with werewolves like Haden, some with serial killers, some with psychics (like Kitty). Enjoy!

American Girl–Tom Petty (because it reminds me of the scene just before the serial killer grabs the girl in Silence of the Lambs)

Werewolf Blues–Walker T Ryan (really good song)

Teenage Werewolf–The Barbarellas

Barrel of a Gun–Guster, because it seems to be about a psycho.

Hungry Like The Wolf–Duran Duran (classic)

Werewolves of London–Warren Zevon (classic)

Werewolf–Cat Power

Rest in Peace–James Marsters (reminds me of that killer sex scene between Buffy & Spike)

I was a Teenage Werewolf–The Cramps

Somebody’s Watching Me–Rockwell (like a psycho serial killer)

“Animal I Have Become” and “Pain”–Three Days Grace (“Pain” is entirely too catchy)

Under a Werewolf Moon–Silicone Soul

I’m a Werewolf Baby–The Tragically Hip

Sister Psychic–Smash Mouth (thinking about Kitty here)

Psychic Chasm–Ozric Tentacles

 Now I want to give away a copy of my January 15th release BLAME IT ON THE MOON, so be sure to post a comment and I’ll pick a winner. Then, if your patient, I’ll send you the e-copy on the 15th. If you’d rather have a copy of one of my backlist books, no problemo! As far as what to comment on, anything to do with werewolves/shapeshifters: your fave books, authors, movies, music. I want to hear all of your suggestions. 

Shara Lanel



24 Responses to Werewolves and the Authors Who Love Them by Shara Lanel

  1. Gregg Carretero

    Wanna hear the victims actually speak.

  2. плoxoЙ

    Немного провакационный пост. Поэтому такие и комментарии 🙂

  3. Виктор Евсеев

    В нашем офисе так нудно было, хорошо что нашел ваш сайт. Читаю с интересом:)

  4. Lycandude

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  13. Bonnie Rose Leigh

    I, too, have to recommend Lauren Dane. She’s a fabulous author. Shifters are my favorite of all paranormal stories, be they wolf, feline, dragon, whatever. I have a sci-fi series that have Lion shifters and I have to admit my inspiration from my own stories came from my love of animals and the loyalty, fierceness and utter courageousness and audacity they have. LOL And when you write paranormal romance, you can make any shifter have that one and only love if you’re so inclined.

  14. anne

    Your fascinating book is definitely unique and appealing. The world of wolves and werewolves has always captivated me with their atmosphere and ability to transform themselves at will.

  15. JOYE

    This book sounds like one I need to read because I have always been fascinated by wolves and werewolves. I think it started with watching Michael Landon in I Was a Teenage Werewolf or some movie like that.

  16. Shara Lanel

    Jenyfer, I know I’ve watched that movie, but I can’t remember it now. I’ve yet to check out the one with Michelle Pfeifer and Jack Nicholson.

    Ashley, Gotta love those powerful alpha males. I also like the somewhat tortured aspect–having a secret side that they’re not sure any woman could love.

  17. Ashley A

    I find werewolves, and pretty much all “weres” and shifters fascinating. Alpha male heroes in stories that are also wolves are just so sexy. I dont know if it is because of the wildness of them, or the sheer power, but I’ll read a werewolf book over any other book any day!!

  18. Jenyfer Matthews

    Interesting topic! I think one of the only werewolf movies I’ve watched was “American Werewolf in London” – years ago, but over and over again!

  19. Shara Lanel

    Congrats to April! You’re the winner of a free e-copy of BLAME IT ON THE MOON. Email me at sharalanel @ comcast .net (w/o spaces) and I’ll send you your copy once it’s published.

    Thanks to everyone who joined me here today!


  20. Shara Lanel

    Hi Cathy! I’ll have to check out Lauren Dane.

  21. Cathy M

    I love werewolf stories. Lauren Dane’s, LKH, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s are some of my favorites too. Blame It On The Moon sounds like another yummy one to add my to list.

  22. Shara Lanel

    Beth and Pam, great to know, because I’ve already got the seed idea for a sequel to Moon. Meanwhile, my own little “Fang” is sleeping on my chest and apparently won’t be happy sleeping anywhere else.

  23. Pamk

    Lauren dane’s werewofles are hot. along with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s were. Sighn I just love shifter books no matter the breed or lore. They are hot.

  24. Beth R

    I love werewolf stories I can’t get enough

  25. Shara Lanel

    Bobby Jo, Cuddly and HOT, can’t be beat!

    April, I have several of those authors/books on my TBR stack. And I need to get LadyHawke on DVD!

  26. Bobby Jo

    I have to agree with you about werewolves ….. with how everyone is portraying them today it makes me want to meet one lol.

  27. April

    First of all, congratulations on your upcoming new release! I’ll definitely keep an eye for it.
    You named some of the best authors, books and movies. I have LadyHawke on DVD and am currently wearing it out too.
    There is just something about wolves and especially werewolves. I think its because the nature of the beast is unpredictable and dangerous but also definitely intellgent. Recognizes friend or foe. And wolves mate for life which is utterly romantic in itself. As for other authors that write some good werewolf/shapeshifter books: Lori Handeland, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Keri Arthur, Yasmine Galenorn, Susan Krinard, and Rebecca York. Kresley Cole also has a great paranormal series and werewolves are one of the main species.

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