Why write romance novels? by Anita Birt

Why write romance novels? Why read romance novels? They are never classified as “literary.”  It’s as if they are unworthy yet romance novels are read and enjoyed by millions of women around the world. Many of us need a mental health break from the stresses and strains of life. Pick up a romance novel, historical, contemporary, fantasy, and enjoy. A happy ending is guaranteed and isn’t that how we would like our lives to end? Happily? The very last line in Alistair MacLeod’s wonderful book, No Great Mischief, speaks to me. “All of us are better when we are loved.” That’s why I write romance.

14 Responses to Why write romance novels? by Anita Birt

  1. Michelle

    I love happy endings!!

    It’s funny how so many people look down their noses at “romantic fiction” as not being “proper literature” when many of the literary classics would be classified as romance novels if they were published today.

  2. Joyce

    Great topic. I have always read, I think it is a great way to get away from the stress of everyday living without actually going anywhere. Especially now adays when it really can feel like you are living in a pressure cooker.

  3. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    Hi Anita, great post. I love romance I enjoy a good HEA 🙂


  4. Carol

    I agree with the others that say reading romance novels is a great way to escape from the realities of everyday life for a while. Of course we want a happy ending! lol

  5. Pam P

    I agree, I read romance novels to get away from stresses in life, one of the few things that can make me stop thinking about all those worries and get a break, and yes I want it to have a happy ending.

  6. Crystal B.

    I think you explained it perfectly. We all need that escape.

  7. Maureen

    Romance novels deal with so many different issues that I don’t see why people would see them as unworthy. Taking a break and reading a romance is a great way to relax.

  8. Jennifer K.

    I think you hit the nail on the head. The HEA is the big draw for me.

  9. catslady

    I think we all agree that everyone wants a HEA!! And just because it’s a romance, doesn’t mean it isn’t literary!!

  10. Jennybrat

    Life is too short to be spent reading depressing stories. I love romance for the emotional intensity and HEA!

  11. Mary Ann

    Good explanation for why we read romances, Anita. I agree completely. Love the quote you used.
    Mary Ann

  12. Kathleen

    Why read romance novels!! Well I think that the romance novels take us to places we have never been or could never go. The men are the men we would live to have wine and dine us and especially make love to us like there is no tomorrow. Sure we have had romances in our lives, but living a romance such as we read in books, well most of us just don’t get those kinds of lives.
    They all so give us time to relax and just let our imagination go. They give us a bit of lift after having a bad day. Or we can curl up on the couch with our favourite beverage and just immerse ourselves in a good romance. BLISS is what it is called.
    They also teach us about different cultures and how other people live.
    Romance you gotta love it!!!!!!!

  13. Martha

    Why watch TV or movies when you can enjoy a GOOD novel? Although historical romance and romantic suspense are my most favorite, I like SOOO many books even, historical, especially Civil War. And all of them beat a TV show any day! I may watch movies to keep my husband company, but he knows my book is sitting next to me in case it’s the 3rd or umpteenth time we’ve seen that movie!
    Books are my relaxation from a stressful day job and a break from the hum drum of everyday STUFF! And you know, I feel like I learn to love better by reading the stories of great and constant loves overcoming the obstacles that challenge them! Thanks for writing, Anita, and I’ll keep on reading!

  14. Ashley A

    Great post Anita!! I love that quote you posted. I think it also applies to why we read romance novels too 🙂

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