Woohoo! Freedom Awaits!

Hello fellow readers!

Its been a while since I have been able to blog but I wanted to say hello to all you lovely peeps! By the time you finish reading this I will be officially graduated! Yup, as of Saturday August 15, 2009 3pm CST I will be a Master’s degree graduate. *bows to the crowd*

Do you know what this means?

That until I start classes in January I will be able to write! *EVIL LAUGH* Oh the power the joy the glory. I can write my poor characters that have been screaming in my head for a chance to break free. And now they have 4 glorious months all to themselves to make themselves known.

Who here thinks there’s going to be a massive coup? Lol.

Though I would love to write more, I regret to say that right now I’m officially brain exhausted. The only thing that I’m looking forward to is sleep, sleep and more sleep for a bit.

And then with the recuperation, I can get back to my neglected work. Great huh?

Talk to you guys soon!!!!


5 Responses to Woohoo! Freedom Awaits!

  1. Carol L.

    Congratulations Mila, What an amazing achievement. You certainly are entitled to sleep and then to sleep some more. Have a great time catching up on your rest. 🙂
    Carol L.

  2. Mary Campbell

    Congratulations Mila. Rest up and get busy working on those characters. i can’t wait to see what you come up with.


  3. Chris Mead

    Congratulations on graduating that is so awesome! Hope you get lot’s of rest so you will be up to all of that writing you plan on doing!

    Best wishes!

    Chris Mead

  4. Pamela Keener

    WooHoo Congrats on your graduating! So what are you up to in January?
    More schooling? Take care, rest easy.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  5. Paula R.

    Congrats to graduating. It is a real high. Definitely sleep…that was the first thing on my agenda. Four months to write, how awesome. Have a good rest, and sweet dreams.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

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