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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of author Sybil Baker’s Blog Tour with WOW! Women On Writing. Stop by The Muffin today and comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Sybil’s book! Sybil will be checking in to answer your questions, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunty. Her book is one that I know you all will love.

I know some of you must be wondering…what exactly is a blog tour?
A blog tour is similar to an author’s book tour, but it’s hosted online, instead of at, say, a bookstore. The touring author visits a number of blogs (otherwise known as “blog stops”) over a set period–typically, a month.

Sybil TravelingAuthors use this format to buzz their book, connect with readers, and have fun! It’s a wonderful way to network with a readership the author might never get to meet in “real” life. For instance, this tour takes us across the U.S. to Italy and New Zealand, all in one month! Even the most gregarious traveler couldn’t conquer that much territory in such a short time. But it’s not about the territory covered, it’s about the interesting people you meet along the way.

(Photo Right: One of Sybil’s travels to Athens, Greece)

The author we bring you this month is a wonderful writer, and a new friend. She’s traveled all over the world and is sharing her experiences with you.Are you excited? I am! Come and join us on this fabulous journey! Let’s meet the author, shall we?

About Sybil:

Sybil Baker grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech where she was the features editor and humor columnist of the student newspaper, The Collegiate Times. After a few years working around Virginia, she moved to Boulder (Colorado) where she earned her MA degree in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

After five years in Colorado she moved back to Virginia and worked there as a technical editor before moving to South Korea in 1995. For the next twelve years she lived and taught English in South Korea and traveled extensively around the world, especially in Asia. So far she’s been to more than thirty countries, including Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru, and Turkey.

During her travels, she became increasingly interested in the allure and alienation of American travelers and expatriates, and this has heavily influenced her writing. Her novel, The Life Plan, was released this month (March 2009) from Casperian Books.

Sybil Baker’s fiction and essays have appeared in numerous journals including upstreet and Segue. Her essay on American expatriate literature appeared in AWP’s Writer’s Chronicle in September 2005. In 2005, Sybil completed her MFA in Writing from The Vermont College of Fine Arts, and in 2008 moved to back to the States to teach creative writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she is an Assistant Professor of English. She currently lives with her husband, Rowan Johnson, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Learn more about Sybil by visiting her websites:

Sybil Baker’s website:
Sybil’s Blog: An Ex-expatriate’s Musings on Writing, Teaching, and Travel

The Life Plan by Sybil Baker

The Life Plan

By Sybil BakerGenre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Chick-Lit

What would you do if your carefully planned life was falling apart?

Like many women, Kat Miller dreams of having a satisfying career, a loving family, and a house of her own. But Kat has taken things further than most, documenting her dreams in a “Life Plan,” so that nothing will go wrong. Yet something has: Dan, her husband of five years. Kat suspects that Dan, recently unemployed, is spending more time in yoga class with his beautiful classmate than he is looking for a job. When Dan announces that he has enrolled in a massage course in Thailand, Kat is convinced she has to go with him to save her marriage.

From the offices of Washington, DC, to the gritty streets of Bangkok to the mountain region of Chiang Mai, from the serenity of ancient Buddhist ruins to the passion of the jungle to all-night beach parties, Kat narrates her quest to have it all, only to wonder if having it all is all there is.

Click here to read the first chapter of The Life Plan.
Book Trailer: View Sybil’s fun book trailer for The Life Plan here.

ISBN: 1934081167
Casperian Books LLC (March, 2009)

The Life Plan is available through the publisher, Casperian Books,, B&, or any independent or chain bookstore.


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  1. ruth

    I enjoyed reading this delightful post and I appreciate that great photho.

  2. Cathy M

    It was nice getting to know you Sybil.

  3. Guestauthor

    Hey, I’ve been to Athens and have a picture just like this! Of course, the people are different:) Interesting post.


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