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Clare London calling!

Let me just ask you all one question. Do you love to read about a strong, sexy man in love? If the answer’s YES, then how about *two* of them? Hi everyone, I’m Clare London and I write male/male romance and erotica.  That question is the very basis of my work!  I’m very grateful and excited...

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Do You Remember Your First Love?

Hi All, My name’s LaVerne Thompson and I’m a newly published author, my first published work PROMISES from Red Rose Publishing is a contemporary romance about young love lost then found. available in ebook form. How many of us have had childhood friends whom we were close too or left lasting impressions on us,...

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Interview with the Author

Interview with the Author Interview used with the permission of Dante and the author. Dante: I am here with the woman who likes to think she is my creator, but we both know the truth of that, don’t we, Margay? Margay: Ah, excuse me, I did create you. Dante: Isn’t it true that I came...

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Interview with Dellani Oakes

Interview used by permission of Second Wind Publishing and the author  Second Wind: I am joined today by Dellani Oakes, author of the historical romance novel, “Indian Summer” available through Second Wind Publishing. Hello, Dellani, and welcome. Dellani: Thank you. I am delighted to be here. SW: What inspired you to write this novel? D:...

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Halloween Treats is out from Liquid Silver Books!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I don’t know if it’s the candy, the brisk nights, the ghost stories or the costume parties, but I love celebrating it and I love writing about it even more. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be in the new Liquid Silver Books  Halloween anthology, Halloween Treats.  If you love...

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