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Creating unforgettable secondary characters

Hi, I’m Cheryl Brooks, author of The Cat Star Chronicles series of sci-fi romance. Back when I was reading more than writing, I had a fondness for supporting characters. The cool villain, the funny sidekick, the goofy brother, or the offbeat girlfriend—these secondary characters can make or break a book. If they are all stereotypes...

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The Inescapable Pull of Family

I think it’s human nature to yearn for family.  Written into our genes, even.  If biology doesn’t provide us with the tribal bonds we yearn for, we create family in other ways, through friends, through church, through jobs or clubs or online chats.  And the pull is especially strong this time of year, with the...

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A date with angels

SteamyDarcy is inviting you to a date with angels. Come by on 19 January 2010 for the hot date and a chance to win a copy of Enid Wilson’s latest novel, Really Angelic: Pride and Prejudice with a steamy paranormal twist....

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Daydream Zone

One of my favorite things to do when I am having problems with a book is to daydream. One of my spots I like to use to day dream is my living room. I get my blanket, go to my living room, turn off the lights and TV put on some music really low then...

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