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The Writing Methods of Renee Wildes

A Guardians Heart by Renee Wildes

A lot goes into any novel that’s written. Just thought I’d share how A Guardian’s Heart came about, and what happens in my “writing process.” I’m a history geek. I watch Forged in Fire, Expedition Unknown, & Mysteries at the Museum. I’ve books on ancient Egypt & Greece, the Iron Age, Dark Ages, & Medieval...

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Nicole Terry–Crazy on You

Crazy on You by Nicole Terry

CRAZY ON YOU by Nicole Terry. Diane Thompson wakes up after a night of celebration to the realization life isn’t all margaritas and donuts.  Now she needs help navigating her way out of the darker side of her small town. Police lieutenant Cole Anderson is willing and more than able to help but he has...

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Hurt and Haunted Heroes by Dana Marton

Silent Threat by Dana Marton

SILENT THREAT is not like most romantic suspense novels. It’s not ‘super warrior hero saving cute/feisty heroine in trouble.’ Cole Makani Hunter is a former Navy SEAL who lost his hearing and the use of his right arm overseas. He lost his best friend in a chopper crash, then suffered through six months as a...

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