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Free Sampler Book

I’ve a free Seasonal treat for FFP readers, and I wondered if you’d like to add it to the goodies you give away from your site. I’ve attached a pdf and below is a url to the same thing. I collected 10 willing FFP authors (Nina Bangs, Catherine Spangler, Jade Lee, Robin Popp, Susan...

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Valentine's gift from eHarlequin

A special Valentine’s Day gift from Harlequin that might be of interest to Romance Junkies readers. On February 14th, we are giving a free download of the eBook mini “Valentine’s Wedding Dress” by bestselling author Sherryl Woods at  ...

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Celtic Romance by Cornelia Amiri

Just as some of our fondest memories are of dating and weddings, courtship and betrothal was just as special to the ancient Celts. Love and marriage was so important to the Celts that they had more types of recognized marriages than any other culture. Under the Brehon (Brehoon) laws of Ireland, there were not one,...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Cornelia Amiri

Well it’s snowing here in PA and the cold always make mewant to cuddle up with a romance and get lost in another place or time. So what a better day then today for Cornelia to be joining us. She’ll be discussing Celtic Marriages and their customs. So join us for promises to be a informative...

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