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Welcome Guest Blogger Amie Stuart!!!!!

Happy Hump Day and what an appropriately titled novel for us to be discussing. NAILED by Amie Stuart hits the Shelves on May 27th. Seriously speaking,  joining us today is Amie Stuart and if the cover is any indication about this story’s heat level it should be smoking hot. So please help Kim and I...

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Dream of a Series by Taige Crenshaw

I was talking the other day about dreams giving me some of my idea for my books. Dreams are indeed powerful. I’ve been known to dream of an outfit I want and then wake and make it. I love to sew. I also love to cook and have been know to dream of delicious dishes...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Taige Crenshaw!!!

Hello Romance Junkies Fans!! It’s Tuesday and we have a week packed with authors. Today we are joined by Taige Crenshaw. I can tell you that I have enjoyed her Rarities Incorporated Series and I’m thrilled that she is here with us today to share how it came about. So sit back and enjoy a...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Kathryn Shay!!!

It’s Monday and lucky for us we have Author Kathryn Shay joining us. Sit back and enjoy this blog from Kathryn and comment away I hear she is giving book away today.    Hello, Romance Junkies.   I love the name of this site! I, too, am a romance junkie and proud of it!  First, a bit...

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Sisters in Romance by Kimber Chin

With Mother’s Day coming up, I was thinking about all the important women in my life.  Two of these women are my sisters, both younger than myself, both very different, yet we’re all similar enough that complete strangers recognize us as being related.   Our romance heroines also often have sisters.  I’m not a fan...

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