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Do you believe in magic?

Hi, all! My name is Donna Lea Simpson. Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark is my first book in a brand new romance/historical/mystery series from Casablanca, the Lady Anne romantic mysteries. I am so proud to introduce you to Lady Anne Addison: it is 1786, a new age with modern notions. Lady Anne,...

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“What inspires you?” I’ve done a couple interviews now and that seems to be a pretty common question. Actually, everyone seems to want to know that, not even just interviewers. You’d think it would be a pretty simple question to answer, but if you’re a writer you know that’s not so. Inspiration is a complicated...

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Author, Kim Smith

 People ask why I started writing. What was the “thing” that did it to me, turned on the switch, sent me rushing down this tube like a water slide. Well, I blame the pilgrims.  Seriously, when I was in fourth grade, my teacher made us write a short story about the pilgrims for Thanksgiving. Our...

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I want to be a zoologist!

That’s me — a zoologist at heart. I’ve always been fascinated with wildlife; however, at eighteen I wasn’t nearly as focused and scholarly as my heroine, Cassidy Lowell. She is everything I wanted to be and more. I love being able to create characters that allow me the honor of participating in their adventures, mishaps...

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Destinations unknown

Well hello all you RJ-ers out there.  Yup I’m Mila Ramos and I’m back again for another fabulous blogging opportunity at the lovely Romance Junkies.  My little adventure for you today is brought to you by the city of Snyder, TX.  Now to those that have never heard of this city, it is a very...

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