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Remedies for Writer's Block

You know you have to write something. You stare at the page and your mind drifts to everything from what you’re going to make for dinner to what you’re going to do when you finish your word count for the day. If you finish. When writer’s block strikes, that “if” seems more realistic than “when.”...

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My E-Book Reader and Me

I got a Sony E-Book Reader a little over a year ago. I did some research before I decided on the Sony. I love my Sony reader. It has saved me a lot of money on ink. I used to print out my e-books to read. Anyway I walk with my reader on the train...

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Digging up Bones – Research Fun

By Ciara Gold  So, what prompts an author to write historicals?  Is it their love of research? Is it a secret desire to live vicariously in the past? Perhaps it’s as simple as wanting to connect to their roots.  Regardless, research is one of the key elements in a finely crafted historical romance. For me,...

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The Rejection Club

by Jeannie Ruesch Along the way to publication of my first novel, SOMETHING ABOUT HER, rejection was a part of the game.  After the second agent-requested-partial-turned-rejection,  I found myself turning to the internet in search of other sad souls who felt the same disappointment, depression and urge to curl up inside a big, fuzzy blanket...

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