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A bit about My Sun…Your Shadow

Vampires fascinated me for a long time before I tried my hands on writing about them myself. I heard many rumors that stories about vampires weren’t in demand by the publishers, then I heard more rumors that they would never be old or out as readers always ask for more. So publishers started asking for...

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Domestic God or Domesticated Man?

I’m Robin Kaye and I’ve written two books, Too Hot to Handle and Romeo, Romeo, both involving Domestic Gods. Before the publication of Romeo, Romeo, I was concerned that my readers would view my heroes as wimps because they’re not “bad boys.” Dr. Mike Flynn and Nick Ronaldi are men who think the vacuum cleaner,...

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Why I Don't Use A Pseudonym; Or, Just As Everything

By Kris Kennedy I’m a debut author, and my first book, THE CONQUEROR, comes out today, May 5.  I’m pretty much shaking in my boots. I essentially know nothing about the business of publishing, nothing about what sells books (yes, a ‘great’ book sells, but still, that hardly provides clarity, does it?)  I certainly had...

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