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Let Me Love You Again by Anna DeStefano

Rafflecopter Giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway Direct Link Anna DeStefano Q&A In small towns like Chandlerville, gossip travels quickly. What is the hot news going around about your couple? “Oliver Bowman’s back! Can you believe it?!” That’s the news that flies as soon as he pulls into town in his pickup truck. Followed not long after...

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A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find by Kelly Bowen

  Rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway About A GOOD ROGUE IS HARD TO FIND HE THOUGHT HE’D SEEN IT ALL . . .  The rogue’s life has been good to William Somerhall: He has his fortune, his racehorses, and his freedom. Then he moves in with his mother. It seems the eccentric Dowager Duchess of Worth...

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