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LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels

LONE RIDER EXCERPT A few months ago, his sister had gotten out of jail and gone to work for Bo. He’d been surprised she’d given Emily a chance. He’d had to readjust his opinion of Bo—but only a little. Now this. “There has to be an explanation,” he said, even though he knew firsthand that...

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The Emerald Virgin by Ravyn Rayne

  Title: The Emerald Virgin Series: Gem Apocalypse Book One Author: Ravyn Rayne Publisher: Blushing Books Published: June 19th, 2015 Genre: Dystopian Erotica   Blurb: Emerald – a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions. After the war, King Gideon rose in power. A lust-filled and greedy king...

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