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Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin: Spotlight & Giveaway

Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin

From Lynnette Austin comes a wonderful story of second chances in PICTURE PERFECT WEDDING. ♥♥  I love second-chance romances—both to read and to write! Our couple’s first chance has generally happened before the book begins, and, then, they meet again—with all the ensuing angst. This is no slow-build relationship but rather a raging inferno from the...

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Caitlin Crews and The Return of the Di Sione Wife

The Return of the Di Sione Wife by Caitlin Crews

From Caitlin Crews, author of THE RETURN OF THE DI SIONE WIFE. Oh, I love scary movies. In many ways, they deliver the same hit as romance novels.  You get to cycle through a whole host of emotions, all the while knowing that you’re safe and sound and that things will work out all right—if...

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Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz-Q&A


HER HALLOWEEN TREAT was inspired by a Twitter friend who is always posting pictures of bearded Chris Evans. In one picture he was wearing a flannel shirt and he looked like an HGTV fantasy handyman. So I turned him into one in my book. Joey’s dad is Mexican-American and there are a ton of Latina...

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