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Umm… Thanks, I think! by Jenyfer Matthews

Lately, it seems that I receive more than my share of back-handed compliments. There are two ways in which these can be delivered of course. Sometimes they come as a cutting, subtle insult, e.g: “I l-o-v-e your dress. I gave one just like that away not too long ago” or  “Oh! That’s so…c-u-t-e. Did you...

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Ah, the writer’s life.   The joy of getting out of bed when you want, grabbing an aromatic cup of freshly-perked java, and still decked out in comfy pajamas and fuzzy slippers, sitting in front of the computer tastefully situated in a beautiful office with a glorious view and immediately typing away on your next...

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Things that go bump in the night ;-)

Halloween is just around the corner. Is there a local ghost story from your part of the country that you want to share? Have you or anyone in your family had an encounter with the paranormal? Readers and Authors come share those ghostly encounters with us….and on halloween we will come in and pick some...

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