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The Repressed Sexuality of Victorian England

By Leigh Court The buzz is that New York publishers are buying ‘hot historicals’ right now, and that’s good news for a lot of us, including me — I write erotic Victorian romance for Red Sage Publishing’s Secrets anthologies. Queen Victoria had nine children, so let’s face it — she obviously knew a thing or...

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Steamy Darcy invites you to a date invites you to a date at Romance Junkies Blog on Monday 10 August 2009. Enid Wilson, author of Bargain with the Devil: A Spicy retelling of Pride and Prejudice, will share with you an ancient recipe of Mr. Darcy’s favorite dish. And she will give out a copy of the book and the following...

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Guest Author Ciara Gold

Energize the Moment August brings a certain excitement to most folks because it’s the month we all associate with new beginnings. For at least twelve years, we’re conditioned to get ready for a new “school” year. We buy new supplies, new clothing, get our hair styled differently, and prepare mentally to start a new phase...

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