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Sexual Sacrament by Angela Caperton

I believe that sex is a sacrament. Even casual sex can give us a glimpse of the divine, but sex between two people who love each other deeply is a transcendent experience that takes us out of our own skin and into a realm of sensual communion that surpasses all others. Even if you dismiss...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Angela Caperton!!!!

Happy Wednesday Romance Junkies. It looks as though another month of 2008 has come to an end. Slowly we creep toward Summer. When the temperatures rise and I find that I read more and more. IMO there’s nothing better than the lazy days of Summer where life slows down some and I can sit by the pool and...

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Starstruck by Mechele Armstrong

Last week, I went to the Romantic Times Convention.  I had a blast and I learned a lot from going to panels and listening to people talk.  There are a couple of things I don’t think I’ll ever get over being excited about.  And actually, I hope I don’t.  One of those things is seeing...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Mechele Armstrong!!!

Happy Friday!!! Today we are joined by Mechele Armstrong and she just got back from the ROMANTIC TIMES Convention. Mechele will be sharing her adventures with us and offereing up a prize to on lucky poster. So come and start the weekend off right and help us welcome Mechele to the Junkies Blog.   Growing up,...

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