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Thanks to Romance Junkies for Having Me Here Today

Thank you for having me here today, Romance Junkies.  I’m going to head back to the world of writing romance novels for a while, but I’ll be back to check in later today.  I’ve enjoyed blogging with you, and I hope you come see me at my website  I do have a newsletter on...

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A Train Through Time by Bess McBride

And another spectacular cover by Tamra Westberry. I love it! A Train Through Time is my first time travel, but not my last.  I love time travels, the juxtaposition of old and new…especially playing with modern dialogue versus the more formal dialogue of the late Victorian era here in the United States.  Both Love of...

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A Trail of Love by Bess McBride

And look at this cover by Angela Anderson.  Isn’t it fabulous? A Trail of Love is my third published romance novel with The Wild Rose Press who have been veddy, veddy good to me.  This one was inspired by my…then…upcoming gig as a park ranger at Glacier National Park last year.  I wrote several chapters...

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A Sigh of Love by Bess McBride!

She’s back! A Sigh of Love was contracted two weeks after my first book, Love of My Heart, by the same house but a different editor.  It’s a contemporary romance set in Alaska, and is “inspired” by a true story…all the way up to the romance.  All characters are a figment of my imagination and...

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Love of My Heart by Bess McBride

And I’m back!  Just that fast…. My first book is Love of My Heart, and as a first book, it holds a special place in my heart.  The cover by Tamra Westberry is exquisite…as are all her covers…  Love of My Heart was contracted in April 2007 and published in e-book form in June with...

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